Sunday, May 18, 2014

Stress Relieving Habits

I've a problem, I'm stressed.
With work, with exam, and some minor things.
This stress thing kinda got me into doing some really terrible things, like cancelling projects.
I'm sure it's not just me, but as game developers, we tend to have tons of ideas we think it would be fun to work on. And it would be nice and stress relieving to ditch current project to work on that new ideas.

I got stuck halfway through a project, I could've just wait till I feel better to work on it some other day, but I cancelled it instead, to work on other "more interesting" projects, which obviously is gonna end up the same way as the first.

It's not just the original stress, but also the "not able to work on new idea" stress. I'm like: "I could've spend this precious moment developing that new idea I just had," the whole time.

Before I know it, I just keep cancelling projects after projects, and wound up in the nowheresville.
I do notice such bad habit of mine before, but never really plan to do anything about it, until recently. Well, I just went ahead and take a break from my usual weekend working time, particularly the entire Saturday, to play some LUFTRAUSERS and Threes, and get more sleep as well. I woke up more energetic the next day and was able to finish almost half of my current prototype project.

Yup, I just need to learn to take a rest.

I'm currently working on a 3 weeks old project during the weekends, a management-type game. Originally planned to work on it for 10 days before Mother's Day ( which is already over ), but I focus on the UI/UX design so much that I completely forgot about completing the gameplay. So I'm now ditching the UI, and work on the gameplay instead, the way game is supposed to be made, at least from my perspective. Here're some screenshots:

Hopefully I can finish the prototype by the end of this month, together with the UI I so hype about, lol.

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