Sunday, January 5, 2014


2013 has been a great year for me, it was just around November 2012 that I decided that I don't wanna dive into these entrepreneur and just focus on being a developer, the way I always wanted it. Sit somewhere and build stuff.

I'm now working at Kurechii Studio, one of the best game development studio in Malaysia, on their next game. If you haven't try their latest hit -- The King's League: Odyssey (which I wasn't involved in), you can try it on,
- Web: TKLO on Kongregate
- iOS: TKLO for iOS

I'm having more free time to learn new languages, experiment with more things (coding related), started going to gym, learn piano, etc.

Despite that, I'm slowly forgetting all about my 2013 resolutions, which I've only accomplish for less than a quarter. I don't plan to reflect any further except admitting that my failure of accomplishing all these resolutions are simply procrastinating too much, and each of those resolutions are too broad to begin with (despite explicitly stating that I have split them into smaller chunks of resolutions).

Anyhow for this year, 2014, I've split my resolutions into even smaller chunks than last year (laugh), which turns out to be... a lot. Again, I'll still say "I'll try my best to accomplish them", and really try my best to accomplish them (again).

Have a great year, readers.

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