Friday, August 2, 2013

AREAS - A Simple Maths Game About Areas - GameDev Notes

// Play the game here: 

I have been doing an on and off HTML-learning for the past few weeks. My main purpose of learning HTML was more for game development than building websites.

It was about last Saturday, when I decided that I've learned enough, and it's time to take what I've learned to use -- I'm gonna build a HTML5 game!

I was just searching around the web for idea when I incidentally stumble upon a simple Maths calculation of Areas and Volumes of a shape (or polygon). So I decided to make a game based on that topic.

For this particular project, I don't intend to touch too much on sprite-animations just yet, as I kinda gave the project a 2 day limit. So I need to finish building the game within 48 hours, as if I'm doing a game jam of my own. But in the end, it took me more than 2 days (5 days to be exact) to finish the project, in which I spent the first 2 days focusing on the core mechanics, and the rest of the 3 days on level design. I also tried to focus a lot on the colour-aesthetic of the game.

As much as I would love to continue working on it (not the game, but more on the outlook of game page, play around with CSS, etc), I was more eager to release the game as I have other ideas I wish to pursue.

Here are some photos of the level design I did for the game (it's like trying to come out with Maths question like a Maths teacher, lol):

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