Saturday, January 12, 2013

A look back at 2012 resolutions

1. Publish 2 iOS good game on the appstore that will do well (FAIL)
Published 1 iOS game on the AppStore (Little Green Hood Lite), that doesn't so well. It's more of a tech demo to me though.

2. Continue mastering the languages (FAIL)
C# is still my most used language, plus I had a ongoing game project I had to attend to.
I built my website using HTML and Twitter Bootstrap, still not very good at it though.
Barely spend 1% of my time in 2012 to study Japanese.

3. Earn 100,000 USD (FAIL)
I realized making money isn't really my thing, let alone creating the kinds of game that make money.
I've decided to go back to the basics and make games just for the fun of making games. I felt happier that way.

4. Go to Japan (FAIL)
Never did go to Japan, didn't even get a chance to go to TGS while I was having my previous job.
Probably should've master my Japanese speaking first.

5. Learn to drive well (PASS)
I did try learning to drive better around December due to specific reason. Still counts.

6. Take a vacation or two (PASS)
Went to Singapore in November to watch Perfume's concert. 

7. Make a short film (FAIL)
Didn't even have a camcorder. Though I did make a game based on a short film in a 48 hours game jam. But I don't think that counts.

8. Write a blog post a week (FAIL)
Most of the time, I write a new blog post only when I learned something new which I fear I might forgot, or when I developed something interesting that I wanna to share with the world.
I barely do those things anymore now that I've a full time job. Sigh.

9. Start a comic series (FAIL)
Been doing way too many coding works that this resolution had slowly fades away and forgotten.

10. Make the Pokemon (fan-) game I always wanted to make (FAIL)
I don't even remember what the idea was, it was something about "Pokemon" and...

11. Make a gross-able game (FAIL)
Should be the same as 1 and 3, I didn't make any gross-able games as I wasn't so much into the money grinding thing.

12. Lose weight (10Kg) and get a life (FAIL)
Still have the same weight, and no life as always.

13. Survive the apocalypse, and be a hero (PASS)
Survived the apocalypse, hell yeah~!

3 out of 13, that's like 23%. It's bad. 
I've made too many no-so-easy-to-achieve resolutions.

A lot of things had happened to me in 2012, some good, some bad:
- received a grant to develop a mobile game; 
- experienced working with a money-minded investor (although, what kind of investors isn't money minded? lol);
- had a huge amount of stress working on two projects at the same time, even broke down crying in front of my colleagues and boss;
- quit my first job, got broke, and got my second job soon after; 
- had a quarrel with an artist during a game jam which makes me realized how much I need learn about working in a team;
- finished my studies and graduated from MMU;
- experienced rushing a project for a release, and crunching too, as an indie developer (solo);
there's still a lot which I don't quite remember… but I really do learned a lot from these "incidents". 

Hopefully 2013 will be a better year for me, I'll also try my best at the same time.

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roger said...

I would think that it was a huge success in that at least you didn't fail to log what you had done in the year. I doubt if I can barely remember what i actually did or didn't do in the year.
Good stuff enjoy reading your blog.