Friday, December 21, 2012

Project Green: Why Lite and no Pro?

If you searched for "Little Green Hood" on the AppStore, you may be able to find something called "Little Green Hood Lite". If you played the game and you like it, you might start wondering... where the "Little Green Hood Pro"? Why can't I find "Pro"? Where the hell is it?
If you don't like it, well, you don't have to worry a thing.

Well the thing is, the game is not 100% complete yet. I was simply releasing this as sort of a Beta-demo... or as iOS developers like to call it, the "Lite version".

This game was funded by Mdec under the ICONdap program. Getting funded means there're obligations which I must follow. And one of those obligation is that I have to release a build of the game on November (which was eventually dragged to mid-December, which is right now).

To fulfill those obligations, I chose not to release the Pro version too early, as the game is still rigged with bugs, many planned features are still not implemented, the UI design are still not very elaborate, lack of art assets, the story has not been implemented yet, etc.

Instead, I focus on creating a Lite version using the only resources that I have at the moment, to bring you a less buggy version, with most of the working features at the moment, that can show you what the game is really about and what it's really capable of.

The project I envisioned was much bigger than what I wanted to work on when I pitch it for the funding, and obviously having a full time job while working on this as a side project wasn't enough for me to complete it, let alone working on it solo (programming side). But of course, this has taught me to scope down the project and cut down some not-so-important features.

I promise I'll try my very best to finish up the game and release the Pro version by the first quarter of 2013.

You can try the game by following this link:

Credits (for the people who are involved in this project, as I do not have time to place them in the game, was so rushed to push the game to the store):
- Game design/programming: Lee Zhi Fei (Me)
- Game design/writing: Lance Ee Uli
- Concept artist (Outsourcing): Jarold Sng
- 3D Character Artist (Outsourcing): INOTRI Creative (Carson)
- 3D Environment Artist (Outsourcing): Billy Wong
- Concept artist (Prototype): Gan Zin Jer
- Composer: Richard Daskas
And last but not least, the ICONdap program by Mdec, for making it possible for me to make this game.

Well, wait for the Pro version then~ ^^

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Games I created in 2012

Since I'm joining a game making event called One Game A Month next year, I think I should come up with a list of the games I created this year.

1. AppQuest (PC/Mac)
A game which me and my team created in 24 hours during a local jam called Hackweekend.
You can read more about it by clicking the title (link) above.

2. Company's Game #1
A non-disclosable, casual-type game that I made while working in my previous company. It was cancelled half way through, but I did finish a simple prototype.

3. Company's Game #2
With nothing to do while working in my previous company, I propose a new turn-based strategy game project to my boss, and was working on it for about 2 to 3 months before I quit my job due to stress-related issue. I did finish the prototype though, but too bad I won't have the chance to continue working on it.

4. Ganggu (PC/Mac)
Also a game which me and my team created in 48 hours during a local jam called iTrain Hackathon.
Where we are required to create an app or game based on the one of the short films created by the contestants from another 48 hours film-making event. We chose one called "Ganggu" (which means "interfere" in Malay), a comedic shorts about ghosts and bomoh, and decided to create a 3D adventure game project based on it. 
The end product is a bit of a failure, mostly because I aimed way to big, and couldn't finish the environment art on time. Anyway, you can still download the game if you want:

5. Little Green Hood (iPad)
A "little" game projects I started in November 2011, inspired a lot by the rescue missions in Hitman and MGS... with a little bit of Zelda (visual side). I've been working on it on and off for the past 12 months. You can see me blog about it sometimes in the posts with "Project Green" in the title. I even had a Facebook page for it: 
I recently submitted a demo build (Lite version) to the AppStore and hope it can pass through the Apple review, for a release by the end of December 2012


So that's about it, I created 5 games in 2012.