Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Project Green: Finishing a build

I admit, finishing a game is hard. 
Project Green is nowhere near finish yet, but I haven't make a single build in months. The latest playable build was 4 months ago if I'm not mistaken.

There's lots of features planned for Project Green, but with the little time left, I'm not even sure if I could finish it all. I'm about half way down the features list, another half to go.

Just now, during my train ride back home, I was like, f**k it, I'm gonna make a playable build next week. Forget all the "cool" features, if I kept on clinging to add them into the game instead of designing the levels and stuff, I'm never gonna be able to finish it on time. 

Furthermore, one of my colleague had been working on his never ending tower defense game project for months. He had set release dates for himself, trying to work as hard as possible towards releasing it on those dates, and the dates just kept on changing and increasing. Mostly because the game designer on his team kept on adding new features and focusing very little on level design. Seeing how stressful he gets nowadays for not be able to finish it, makes me realized just how much the same I'm with Project Green.

While on the train, I've listed down all the actually important features that I need to start making levels, and making a playable build:

- One of the main feature of the game, inspired by the game MGS: Snake Eater, where you have to rescue and escort a NPC out of an area, alive! Can also be seen inside the pre-alpha trailer.

2. Item Collection
- Where items can be collected by walking towards them. The script was already done months ago, but I've since build a different system since then. So a few things had to be changed.

3. Line Renderer for weapon aiming
- Sort of like a lazer shooting out from a weapon's shooting point, for aiming purposes.

4. Cutscene system > Dialogue system, Animation manager
- Another system which was also finished months ago, but I haven't touch it since. As I've mentioned above, I was so into the features adding thingy that I completely ignore the level design, let alone making the cutscenes.

6. Cage
- Something to hold the NPC while it was captured. Cage door will open when a trigger is pressed on.

7. Signboard
- For hints and tutorial purposes, when player stucked somewhere in the level, they can walk towards the signboard and a new UI will appear, with hints. 

8. New UI
- For the main menu, gameplay and result scene. I've already make rough sketches of the design, haven't have the time to make a digital version yet.

9. New 3D Art Assets
- I've already started outsourcing the 3D art assets for the characters involved in the game. Haven't outsource for the game's environment, as the concept artist haven't completed the design yet. For the time being, I'm planning to just use mesh cubes and some simple models which I'll model using Blender, for the game's environment.

So, 7 technical and 2 artistic features to be completed before next Sunday. Let's finish a goddamn build~!!!

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Shawn Beck said...

Hang in there, bro!