Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Project Green: Finishing a build

I admit, finishing a game is hard. 
Project Green is nowhere near finish yet, but I haven't make a single build in months. The latest playable build was 4 months ago if I'm not mistaken.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Unity3D + C#: Cloning the Content of a Serializable Class

Found a pretty simple and neat method for cloning the contents of a serializable class from one to another:

Here's a copy of the script (for Unity use), to make your life easier:

Given the serializable class:
public class SimpleClass
    public int x;
    public int y;
    public int z;

Project Green: Enemy AI and NGUI

Been doing lots of updates on the game lately, completing the enemy AI, fixing some bugs and porting the game main UI into NGUI (Next-Gen User Interface).

Enemy AI

Originally, I was planning to post something which was entirely about the game's enemy AI, but I think I'm just gonna squeeze it into this post instead, in a short way.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Adobe Illustrator: Creating Color Palette

Was trying out this tutorial on How to Design and Vector a Set of Character Poses for a Video Game, when I got stucked at step 7 -- on creating a color palette. Now I'm not a very frequent user of Illustrator, and I use Photoshop more than any other Adobe softwares these days. Despite that, I'm still not sure whether Photoshop got that Blend tool that Illustrator has. 

Anyway, I tried to follow Step 7 with my tiny knowledge in Illustrator, and I failed, because for one, the tutorial given was not detail enough. I suppose the tutorial was for someone who's already familiar with the software. After a couple of tries, I've finally created the colour palette using the Blend tool, and I'm writing down a more "detail" procedure on how to achieve that in Illustrator... in case I forgot how to do that in the future.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Unity3D + C#: Min, Max, and Sort

Min(): To find the minimum value inside an array.
Max(): To find the maximum value inside an array.

There's two kinds of commonly used array type in Unity:
- classic array, e.g.: int[], float[]
- List array, e.g.: List, List