Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Working in an indie startup, so far...

Since the 1st of March, I've been working in an indie startup called Terato inc., and being positioned as "iOS game engineer". My job role is mainly designing and developing mobile games using Unity3D and Xcode. 

So far, it's been good. Upon entering, I spent the first one month and a half working on a client project, which later on got cancelled. The project's cancellation didn't came as a big shock to me as I kinda expected that (unintentionally), but it makes me realize a lot about running an indie company, and doing businesses with business-minded clients. 

The next two weeks after that, I've been involved in the company's other personal projects, which have very near deadlines. Because of the lack of manpower, I've been assigned into different roles. I turned from a mobile game engineer to an AI designer, then I became a game producer (as my boss called it), and then a 2D game artists. 

I've gotta say, this role switching thing was quite fun. As I get to involve in so many different fields of game development at the same time, learning how to team-working with other developers, understanding the weakness of the team and project, etc. 

Well, I've only started working for two months, who knows what my role will be in one year~ XD

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