Friday, April 27, 2012

Unity3D + C#: SequenceEqual() // Similarity between the sequence of two arrays

While working on a combo-related project, I stumble upon a problem on how to check whether my inputs can match any of those in my combo library, thus activating the corresponding action. Such as in those action fighting game where you press punches and kicks in a sequence, in order to unlock an awesome combo animation which instantly kills your opponent.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

AppQuest - A game made in Hackweekend

AppQuest is a game made during Hackweekend, a 24 hours hackathon held at National Science Centre Malaysia, from 31st of March to 1st of April. Don't worry, this game is not an April fool joke.

The team who work on this:
- Me (Programming)
- Lim Gua Liang (Artist, a very excellent one)
- Nobuo Uematsu (Music... April fool! He's not really working with us, but we borrow some song by him from FFI)

You can download the game here:

AppQuest is made based on the Hackweekend's theme: "Make apps, not war". And since I'm working on a game, not apps, I thought I make a game about a guy who wanted to learn how to make an app. So he went up to the mountain, look for a temple and for an old guy called Master Silicon, who then asked him to go into the Dark Forest (originally was called Silicon Valley, but I forgot to change it for this version), and look for 3 items: CODE, ART, and SOUND... And so he began on his journey to look for these 3 items. There's still a lot more mechanics planned for this game, other than the dungeons and turn-based battle, but we never got around to finish them on time. 

Anyway Hackweekend was a great event, a blast~! I've had a lot of fun over there, spending 21 hours coding continuously until my partner thought I've gone crazy~ XD 

Hope to go for another one next time!

This is an image of me presenting the game... Special thanks to @LowyatNET for the photo~