Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Project Green - Meeting and Announcement

The Meeting
I was having a meeting with the possible investors of Project Green this week. It was inside a big meeting room at the MDEC building, with lots of people in suits, sitting around a big meeting table. Everyone looks so serious, I was really nervous when I first entered the place.

Anyway, I tried my best to give a good presentation, show them some trailers, and that prototype I developed 3 months ago. They asked a few questions related to the game and how I'm gonna market it, which luckily, I was able to answer, thanks to the group discussion I had with my team earlier. And that's about it. It was a short and simple presentation. Just hope they'll finally approve my project, and provide me the funding I need to further develop it.

The Announcement
My 3d artist just contacted me regarding the freelance job I was offering him a while back. I was kinda like "booking" him first for my project. He has another offer from someone else and he asked me if my project is gonna be ready anytime soon. I haven't got any news from MDEC, nor do they give me any updates regarding when I'll get the funding, so I have to say no, and let him go. Thus, I'm now the programmer, designer and 3d artist.

I've also recently discussed with the rest of my team, and some of them thinks that it's best to not start anything first until the funding finally came. This is a pretty huge project, and it sounds like if the funding never came, I'll have to work with my level designer (who wasn't that in need of money but wanted to make a game together for a hobby), and it'll take about a year for us to complete it. And I'll have to seek for a cheaper composer and concept artist for this project too.

So until they approved and given me the funding, I'll be working on Project Green part time, while making a smaller, faster to complete game to be sold at the AppStore. 

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