Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Second Visions - Beta


Download The Game

*I haven't try the PC build yet, cuz I don't have a Window machine with me. But if there's anything wrong with the game, let me know by leaving a comment

Unity3d, MonoDevelop, Blender3d, Photoshop...

About Second Visions
In case you forgot and have no idea what this game is about, I'll gladly explain to you all over again. 

SecondVisions is a VR game with a unique mechanic which involves in using the visual perceptions of (certain) living things. It was inspired by Himoji-san's second person shooter game called: Second Person Shooter Zato which was also featured in the Sense of Wonder Night 2009 event. 

SecondVisions will be sorta like an unofficial expansion to the concept... without the shooting part.

About 8 months ago, as soon as I finished my internship, I started working on my final year project (FYP), where I have to submit a game treatment (light version of a GDD) to my lecturers on the kind of project I wanted to work on. I've submitted quite a number of them, and all of them got denied, and their reason is... the ideas are not "new" enough. They want something "new", "unique", "groundbreaking" (physics-related stuff), something which can give you a new "experience", blah, blah, blah...

Not are not wrong of course, because the course which I took is called "Virtual Reality"... and the project expected to be develop is pretty much what I just mentioned above. So, I remember playing something called Second Person Shooter Zato by Himoji-san, which was a game about controlling a character through a second person's vision, you'll understand more when you played it yourself. 

Most games in the markets are either first person, third person or top down, but rarely can you find a "second person shooter" game. Thus, I decided to take this game's concept, proposed it to my lecturers, and got accepted, and that's how SecondVisions was born. 

Originally, the plan for Second Visions was to make it a stealth adventure game. But since I'm working solo on the project (for some reason, our course does not allow group work for my semester), a stealth adventure would be kinda heavy for me, so I switched to making it a puzzle game.

It was probably a bad idea, that I switched to making the game a puzzle genre, as I'm not really good at level design. I'm more of a casual game developer, and I realized a project like Second Visions takes more than a casual game developer to developed, I need a team. Being the programmer, game designer, 3d artist, concept artist, level designer all at once was a little too much for me... based on the predicted scale of this game.

So I took a new turn around, shrink down the levels, remove half of the features, and changing it to an escape-the-room style puzzle game. It may seems like a bad move, but I had to do it in order to finish the project. 

As it turns out, the new changes to the project was kinda great: the level designs are getting easier; I can see a clearer goal of the project; the mechanics are working fine with my new approach. Although I didn't get a very good review for my game later on during my final presentation, mostly because the game was very hard and can get bored after a while, I took their advices and further improve the game... and now, it's consider completed (or maybe not), and I'm ready to share it with y'all.

Though the game is still hard in some level... I've tried to make it easier~TwT

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