Thursday, January 5, 2012

My 2012 Resolutions

A list of stuff I wish to accomplish this year, and some of them may be derived from the 2011 resolution.

Top 5:
1. Publish 2 iOS good game on the appstore that will do well
By this I mean completing two iOS games with my own team of developers and publish them under my own Apple account. Working for someone else, company or client-side project does not count for this resolution. I've just recently purchased an iOS developer account, cuz apparently using your friend's account can be quite troublesome, especially during urgent game-porting/testing times. 

Now that I've got my own account, it would be a waste to not publish anything on it. Currently I'm still waiting for reply from MSC regarding my game development funding. And once that thing is settled, I can finally get myself the sweet Unity Pro and iOS Pro licenses, and start making sellable products. Also, I've recently picked up GameSalad, probably gonna use it for a casual game project, when I don't wanna do so much programming.

EDIT: After looking at DarkAcreJack's great advice on game publishing resolution, I realize he was right, I need to make good games that will do well~ XD

2. Continue mastering the languages
Derived from the 2011 resolutions, the current main languages (programming and non-programming) I wish to fully master this year would be Csharp and Japanese. Csharp is the language I often use during game development. Though I don't consider myself a very good game programmer, I could create whatever game mechanics I want to, with some experiment and research. 

As for Japanese language, I used to be really obsessed with it... probably because it's always a dream of mine to venture into the Japan's game/animation industry, and also all the anime and Japanese drama I love watching, the manga I love reading. But since the start of 2011, the thing I'm most obsessed with is game development. I spent most of my time on it, joining game jams, working on games for my assignments... completely left out the learning Japanese language part. 

Not to say I completely left it out in 2011, I do played quite a number of non-localized Japanese games in my DS and PSP, such as: Persona 3 Portable, Devil Survivor, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, Tomodachi Collection, etc. Most of those games which provides hours of gameplays and have tons of dialogues to read on. It helps me tackle some reading problem, and learn more new words too. 

This year, I'm gonna continue learning it more seriously, read all the lessons books, and start practicing on the speaking part. 

3. Earn 100,000 USD
Derived from the 2011 resolutions, I wanna earn 100,000... USD. Although I'm not really short on money or anything, I just wanna take it as a challenge for myself since I'm gonna be graduating soon and going to work in the industry.

Funding does not count for this resolution, I want the 100,000USD to be purely profits from my hard works, such as salary and game sales revenues (minus out the funding). Although I'm not very confident about the game sales revenue part, as I'm still a new player in the industry, fresh out of the oven... I'm gonna try my best!

4. Go to Japan
I'm crazy about this country for years, and was kinda worried that I'll never get to visit it when the tsunami happen. I really hope that I could go there at least once this year. I've already talked to some of my friends who are also into the idea... and now we just wait...

5. Learn to drive well
It's been 4 years since I've got my driving license, and the number of times I've drove within this 4 years had not even reach more than 20 times. I had a slight trauma around 2-3 months after I got my driving license and had been neglecting from driving ever since.

I hope this year I can overcome that trauma and drive normally. It's so important it had to be in the top 5, consider that I'm graduating soon and have to drive to work, can't always rely on trains. Or maybe I should get a bicycle?

6. Take a vacation or two
Similar to the 4th one... It's been 4 years I've studied in MMU, and we don't have much of holiday here. Even if there is, it's only gonna be for a week or two between semesters, which is definitely not enough. 

I used to go on vacation every year before I enter university. But those times weren't as stressful as when I'm still studying. Nowadays, as I'm nearly finishing my studies, I grew more and more stressful everyday. Not just me, but also my classmates and friends who are also graduating soon. I can't think straight, started to forget certain things, dreaming about codes and bugs at night (which can quite a nightmare), more white hairs dominating my head (I'm only 21, dammit!)... etc.

I need a vacation when all these is over! I really do, we all do! Maybe do some backpacking, or just travel to Japan, Korea... somewhere beautiful; visit some of the wonders of the world... and maybe King Kong~ XD

7. Make a short film
It's in one of my old 2008 resolution, but never got to do it till now for I'm lack of a video cam. I should've bought a Nikon D90 instead of a D60 last time... as I'm not much of a photographer.

Though I did get to do a public awareness video 3 years ago, where I was in charged of writing the script (which was really bad).

8. Write a blog post a week
I've gotta say, blogging has always been a stress-relieving activity for me, but I don't do it very often. One reason could be that I don't want this to be like one of those simple social life blog about me... I want this to be about the "game development" part of my life. And there's too much to talk about, but too little time to write them all down.

So this year, I'll try, no matter what, to write at least 52 blog posts (equivalent to 1 post per week for a year). Speaking of which, I just counted, and I've got 45 blogs from 2011, which was not bad! But I'll try to do a little more this year~ :D

9. Start a comic series
I used to be a pretty good comic strip artist back in high school, and that was one of the main reasons I went for an art degree. I haven't drawn anything since then, always wanna start a series but I never really got to do it.

10. Make the Pokemon (fan-) game I always wanted to make
I have an idea that I really wanted to do. It's not really a big or genius idea, but it's something that's in my mind for months since last year. It's kinda of a new approach to the original Pokemon games, I've dreamt about all the gameplay and stuff, and I really wanna see if this approach works.

It's kinda like the indie motto: "make something you would like to play", and I really hope that I could make and play this game this year.

11. Make a gross-able game
I don't mean making a "gross" or disgusting game, but more like a game which is released as a freemium, and earning money through selling in-app item. It can be consider as part of the 1st resolution, but this may come as a web game too.

12. Lose weight (10Kg) and get a life
Well, it's pretty much self-explanatory.

13. Survive the apocalypse, and be a hero
Wildest dream... XD

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