Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A look back at my 2011 resolutions...

Before I get started on my new resolution this year, I'm taking a look back at the resolution I made for 2011, see what I've accomplished:

2011 Resolutions:
1. Master all languages I know
I mentioned that I'm gonna try my best to master all the languages I know: JavaScript (not Java, :P), C#, AS3, and Japanese. For one, I've been doing most of my game programming in Unity3D using C#, and worked on a couple of titles (one released, a few simple prototype-jam games, one prototype which is now pending for funding, and one for my university's assignment: SecondVisions). I consider myself an intermediate-level C# game programmer now. Of course, there's still a lot of stuff I don't know, probably because I haven't find the need to use them yet, but I will, soon. 

For JavaScript (not Java), it's basically just the same as C#, they just have some difference in syntax, and how they handle enumerations... etc. I started out with JavaScript when I first started with Unity3D, and then switching to C# a year ago because of various reasons, so I do know how both side of the game works.

For AS3, I've completely given up on it, I've neither write any AS3 codes nor open a new Flash game project, in a while now. It was the first languages I learned when I first started doing game programming, before I met Unity3D. I'll always remember those great (unfinished) game development times I had with it 2 years ago.

For Japanese, I've been trying my best to find time studying it... I just can't, but I'm not giving up on it yet. The main reason I can't do it is mostly because of poor time management and no motivation. Well, it's not like I have better time management skill now, but I will try my best again this year. I've changed some language of the software I use to Japanese, and even played mostly Japanese games on my NDS and PSP. As for motivations, I've recently talked to the representatives of DeNA during the previous Malaysia's IGDA, about my wish to venture into the Japan game industry. They told me some stuff about how I could possibly get in, and offer some help and guidance for me too. So that's a start too~ ^w^

2. Finish projects and submit them
Like I mentioned above, I'm involved in one released game. It's called OctoExplorer and it was from when I'm still doing my internship at TeratoTech. I worked on most of the game mechanics side of the project (not the graphic, sound, nor the Facebook and Twitter integration)... but I consider that "released game", a finished and submitted project... though I do not own it.

Moreover, I've joined a few jams around the first half of 2011, and released a 3 prototype games. And 3 months ago, I joined a pitch-a-game-for-funding event called ICON2 (and ICONdap), where I'll have to develop a game prototype within a month and pitch it up to the judges for funding to further develop the game into a sellable product. It was a really fun experience, and I've developed a playable prototype called "Little Green Hood". The judges seems to like it (and is now pending their approval for the funding), and I've also got somebody from a venture capital contacting me about future business venture-related stuff.

Last but not least, SecondVisions, a game I proposed for my final year project, and have written a few development posts about it... is not completed yet. I'm kinda like having an on and off development with it, because the design of the game got kinda messed up around October, I'm kinda lost in the "direction" of the game, losing interest and motivation to finish it, and I was trying to focus a whole month and a half into the ICON2 thing. But I'm currently close to graduating, and is trying me best to finish the game by February. I can't afford to fail this class~ >.<

3. Learn Android/iOS apps development
I tried to get a few books, started learning how to code Xcode or Cocos2D. After reading a bunch of articles by some experienced developers, and talking to some of them from my country... while learning and getting an extra skill is good, sometimes it's also better to just master the skill that you have right now, while it still have its market value. It's more of the "Jack of all trades" thing: you learn a whole bunch of stuff and in the end not really good at any of them. 

So, I'm just gonna continue sticking to Unity3D and C#, mastering it, develop some games, publish them... until its lifespan is over~ :D

4. Lose 10Kg
I failed at this one too... I've only lost 2kg at most, but gained it back during a series of continuous wedding ceremony held by my relatives. 

I tried joining Fitocracy, but then quit because I was really busy with my works and stuff... It's really hard to lose weight~ =_=

5. Earn 100,000
Well, I quit doing freelance a few weeks before I started my internship because of all the stress it provided me, and haven't been doing any freelance stuff since then. The amount of allowance I got from my internship does not even reach the 5k mark. And I totally forgotten about this resolutions list by the time my internship started... can't really blame me~ =3=  

6. Get a life
I started joining events in and outside campus, met a lot of game developers during IGDA and ICON2 events, get a lot of friends... at least I'm socializing with people outside my campus. And there's not much female in IGDA events though, probably they aren't really into game development, but I do hope there'll be more this year~ :D

I've accomplished half of what I promised myself to do in 2011, and it's not bad for someone like me. "50% of something is better than 100% of nothing", rite? 

2011 has been a great year for me, I met a lot of great people, got a lot of new friends, learn a greats deal of knowledge from them... it's a year where I truly began my journey as a game developer, and there's I know there's more stuff waiting for me to accomplished in the future. 

So, now that 2012 is already here, I'm gonna start making a new resolutions list too. This time, I'm gonna try a little bit harder, instead of accomplishing 50% of what I promised, I'm gonna try 80% (or more). 

My next post will be my 2012 resolution list~ ^w^

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