Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Blender Notes #1

Just to note on some stuff I always forgot when using Blender...

1. Making Camera tracks an object
Adjusting the camera (both translation and rotation) can be a pain if doing it manually. In one of the Blender tutorial I followed, they showed me a way to make camera tracking on object easier. 

First, add an "empty object" in scene by pressing Shift + A to bring up the "Add" menu and select "Empty". 
Then, press S and enlarge the empty object so that it's easier to identify in scene.

Next, make sure that there's a camera in the scene (else just press Shift + A again to add one from the "Add" menu). Right click and select the camera first, follow by the "empty object"... it has to be in this sequence, so that we can to tell Blender that we want the camera to "follow" or "track" the "empty object". 

When both are selected, press Control + T to bring up the "Make Track" menu, and select "Track To Constraint". 

Now move the "empty object" around, and you should be having the camera following/tracking it. Press 0 to see the effect. And since the "empty object" is empty, it won't get rendered in scene...

2. Showing texture in scene
Well, a lot of times when you think you have added a material and a texture on your object, but the mesh in scene didn't seems to have any texture on it, and is still white in color.

The trick to getting this done is simple, all you have to do is to press N to bring up the right side panel, and look for the "Display" tab. Look for "Textured Solid" and check the box, and your texture will be up on the mesh in no time...

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