Thursday, October 27, 2011

Chapter 100

I haven't been posting stuff for quite a while, and I can see from the blogger stats that the number of viewers are slowly declining. Not that I care about that but it's good to know that someone is reading my blog :D So, what I've been up to recently?

Well, I'm currently still working on SecondVisions, and the reason I still haven't release any updates for it for such a long time was because right about 2 months ago, I felt that this game wasn't really going towards to direction I'm hoping for, and the level design looks kinda mess up in overall, some of the (cool) features were added just because it was cool but doesn't really have any use, puzzle design for this game has been forever hard, etc. As soon as I finishes my previous semester, I spent the rest of my holiday brainstorming and redesigning the game, came out with a story, an ending, a simple puzzle for the mechanics, remove some of the useless features, done some sample level designing... and it's going pretty well so far. 

I'm redoing some of the in-game assets, making them arrangeable within all levels, and not like some assets are only suitable for certain levels and stuff. Hope that these new directions could help me finish building my levels faster, and release some new updates for you those who are following the development soon.

Second Person Shooter Zato
Did I mentioned before that SecondVisions was actually a game inspired from the famous, titular second person shooter game by Himogames? Well, first of all, my character is blind (same as SPSZ), and have to rely on living things around him to view around. 

I talked to the original creator of the game, Himoji-san, about his awesome game, and this current game which I'm developing. And he seems pretty cool about it and would be interested to know more about my project. 

For most of you who didn't know what ICON2 is, it's a project pitching event held in Malaysia (annually I supposed), where you pitch your ideas, and then if they like it, you'll get funding to develop a mobile game within a months. 

I just got back yesterday from the event, proposing a Zelda-like game to them, and I got in. Which means starting from next week, I'll be attending a one week intensive Unity training, and then to develop the game after the training week.

The training coach was an industry experts, Bret Bibby, founders of, whom people from the IGDA described him to be the kind of person who "use Unity and doesn't use the Unity Editor". I was like... how it that possible? What's the point of using Unity3D then? But from what I heard, he sounded awesome, and I'm very looking forward to meet him soon, learn from him, make an amazing game, and win the prize!

Carl Callewaert - Unity Evangelist
On the same day of the ICON2 events, I was attending a Unity seminar held at Hotel Novotel, Kuala Lumpur. The speaker of the Unity session was Carl Callewaert, an Unity Evangelist. He gave a talk on some of the new Unity features in the latest version... and the upcoming features for 3.5, gave a talk on how to conduct the light mapping, occlusion culling, and some other advanced topics... which I kinda missed because I have to go for the ICON2 event for my pitching session. But I do learned a lot from him, and hope we could have more people from Unity to come down here to Malaysia and gives us talks on... well you know... Unity3D!

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