Thursday, April 28, 2011

Achievement Log 28-04-2011

Don't really do an achievement log everyday like I expect, but I'll try doing it frequently.

1. Set up a GitHub - Setting up a GitHub has always been a hardest thing for me to accomplish when I'm using my old Window laptop (maybe I'm just suck). Now that I started using Mac, it only took less than 20 minutes for me to learn and set up the whole thing.

They've got all the procedure set up fine, I just have to follow their steps, and... I created and updated my first repository: AddMaths! Will make another repository particularly for this blog when I've got the time, for uploading the scripts (tutorials) that I've written here.

2. Attempted on integrating Facebook in Android builds - The thing I spent the most time on this few weeks, was to integrate (or implement, or whatever they call it) Facebook into Android using Unity. Our team has tried our best looking for tips on it but they kept leading us to the WWW and WWWForm thingy.
Non of us are experienced with Android other than knowing how to build it in Unity, but the client wants it... what to do...

Anyway, I didn't succeed on integrating it today, but I learned a way that I shouldn't do. Will trying other methods in the future. 

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