Sunday, April 24, 2011

Achievement Log 22-4-2011

Seems like ever since I started working, I don't really have time to write more focus topic on every post so I'm gonna make it fast by writing them in this log-post... will elaborate them more later on when I have the time...

1. Implement WWW and WWWForm on Android app builds - when building an Android application
for a client, our team was required to make the Android application to be able to: post scores to Facebook, Twitter, and submit scores to the server. The Facebook and Twitter was the hardest as non of us have any experience with Android development before, so we decided to go with the submit-scores-to-server thing because according to the community, they were all done using WWW. With the help of our teammate, Keen, and the Unity community, we were able to implement it successfully and send the info we need to the company's server.

Here's a few links that was useful in making it possible:

2. Read a book on game design - Something I never got to do these days was to read a book on game design. It was kinda hard for me to do it these days now that I started working (since 2 months ago, for an internship program), everyday has been a living hell for me. Then after internship, I'm going for FYP (Final Year Project) in my campus, so I will have to design a game before that time comes. Not to say I don't have any game design skill, but after making a few sucky games for one year and a half, I think I did learn one or two things about game design from them.

The book I'm currently reading is "Creating Games: Mechanics, Content, And Technology" by Morgan McGuire and Odest Chadwicke Jenkins... it sounds like a hard book to read cuz it's a book for game developers from all sorts of fields: design, program, direct, sound, etc, and not just solely for game designer. If it's just for game designer, then "The Art of Game Design" Jesse Schell would be perfect, but too bad I only have the PDF version and no iPad to read it... and reading it on hand (actual book of in iPad) is a way better feel than reading it off a PC screen...

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