Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Achievement Log 20-04-2011

First post for a new category of my Achievement Log. What it does is to record down all the stuff I've accomplished in that particular day (or week) in this game development hell... XD

1. (Slightly) Found a solution for the iPhone-Trampoline problem for iOS game dev - This happens
sometimes when I wasn't noticing: whenever I wanna create a new version of the game project I'm working on, I just quit Unity, copy and paste the latest game version folder and rename it to a new version then open it again when I started Unity. And right when I was gonna build it, the problem occur, and I'll get a failed build in a folder store in my project, named "Temp", and giving me an error about "unable to find a file called iPhone-Trampoline/some-name-over-here inside the 'Temp' folder"... and the same problem occurs over and over again when I attempts to build it...

Well, I tends to "solve" the problem by quitting Unity, Delete the "Temp" folder, and open Unity again, and the problem's solved! Kinda weird, but I solved it anyway...

2. (Slightly) Found a solution for the Data Formatter problem for iOS game dev - The known "Data Formatter" problem usually occurs when I'm building the game, testing and debugging it in Xcode. Later found out that the problem occurs due to some memory issue with the iOS device. So apparently I have some really large sized textures and audio in my Unity scene, and also some useless ones... 

Solved it by reducing their file size to 1024 (that's the lowest I can get, anything lower than that is gonna get really blurry), compressed all the audio files (by changing its Audio Format from "Native (WAV)" to "Compressed" while adjusting a proper compression (KBPS) for it in the audio setting), delete some unwanted scenes, making the library size way smaller that before... and it runs very on the iPhone now, no crashing when loading new scenes.

That's about all that I have for this post, can't think of more (though there's a lot more... like 100+ of them), been having some pretty bad headaches for two days straight now... The game industry is hard~!

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