Thursday, March 3, 2011

Work, work, work, and 5 games in total...

As of February 21st 2011, I started working at TeratoTech as an intern for a game programmer position for 3 months; and FYP (Final Year Project) right after that. So currently I've been not-so-formally "assigned" to an Unity3d development section of the company, well apparently there's only like 5 Unity3d developers over here, in which 3 of them includes me and my two other pals who also came here to intern; and two projects for us to handle, in which I'm again, not-so-formally "assigned" to as the lead programmer of those projects... XD

Then, to make my life more exciting, I'm planning two join two more challenges this month (March): EGP and GPC. Not sure if I'm gonna join all of them, but I'm definitely joining one of them, and if both had the same theme at the same time, then I guess I could submit it for both the challenge. haha

Lastly, for the fifth game which I'll be working on (as described above, I'm ady having about 3-4 game projects running in March), will be an online MMO prototype. Not the World of Warcraft type (that's crazy!), but more like Second Life, without the world creation part. It's actually a ripoff of a Japan online game called AiSpace (according to my client). I'm only gonna be working on the scripting part, while the rest (graphics and audio) will be handle by the client's company. Btw, I'm given 6 months to develop this MMO's prototype, not a month, so I still have some time left for other projects too... :) 

Well, in conclusion, though most the games I mentioned that I'd made above will probably take up my entire March period, I still have plans to make my first "big thing" as an indie game developer. I already have the basic concept and some minor advance concept for the "big thing", and I'll develop it as soon as I'm free from all these. And I kinda promise my client that I'd work with them on another two iPad games after the MMO thing, but they're gonna have to get another guy, cuz this guy (me) has a dream (game) he wanna to achieve (make)~

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