Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Mark Zuckerberg method?

So I'm currently working freelance for a third party game development company (who wants to be first party) on an MMO game prototype... which was also a more local version of a ripoff of the Japanese game AiSpace. And I started having ideas to create an MMO of my own, somehow a little similar to what my client wants me to do, but better, and with more unique contents...

It wasn't until a few days ago when I saw a news somewhere about the Winklevoss twins wanting to get in another lawsuit-battle with Mark ("Zuckerberg" was too hard to type, I'll just go with "Mark") of Facebook (which I'm not gonna go into the details) and the news reminded me of the Facebook story in The Social Network... where Mark sorta "steal" the Winklevoss twins' "idea".

And it gets me wondering, would I be a thief (or a more appropriate title such as: "idea stealing scumbag") for doing the same thing like what Mark did. I'm not saying that the fault's on Mark, I mean he does work very hard on Facebook, and seriously the Winklevoss twins has no right to just come in and claim money on something they did not contribute in, what a bunch of ass... Anyway, my situation now is kinda like what's inside The Social Network:  there's these guys (3rd party dev, no idea on how to code), who wants me to help them write an MMO game, and I kinda plan to slip out and develop another MMO of my own, get successful (just exaggerating XD), and then get sued for a "multi-million dollar idea". <-- (I laughed so hard at the last line)

Well, I'm probably just thinking too much. I'll continue working on their MMO, finish it, and start working on one of my own... And I might not even get to as great as Mark though... I mean, c'mon, there's like a million online games out there (some are great), and how could a beginner like me compete with them... lol... I guess we'll find out... probably next year~ :D

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