Thursday, March 17, 2011

GPCv4 Day 1 & 2 - Game Mechanics + Studio Logo/Splash Screen...


Was having dinner while writing this post... So, right now I'm working on a game for the latest challenge, and the theme of the month is "Burden" and "Sunshine". 

I don't really have any idea for the first 2 days, other than I wanted to make another puzzle game... This time, I'm planning to make a REAL puzzle game, unlike my previous entry which was originally meant to be a platformer, but ended up being an optical-illusion-puzzle-platformer genre instead. 

I did a lot of brain storming, came up with quite a few ideas, and then ended up with the current one which I find would be easier for me to work on in this 7 days of game development. The story is like this: 
"One day the sun suddenly stop working, and the whole world went dark... for a pretty long time. And then decades later, our hero appears, with a stone which he thinks can help save the sun... and he must go to the center of the dark forest through a series of challenges with the help of the stone... in order to reach a machine over there which can harvest the power of the stone and save the sun...". And the stone in this context is something like Sun stone... except that it's not for evolving a Pokemon. The player can use the stone to create a ray of (sun) light and move objects with it, and solve puzzles (if there's really any puzzles at the end)... XD

Anyway, I spent the next 12 to 15 hours coding the game mechanics in Unity3d, and here's what I came up with:

Music by George&Jonathan...

The video shows some of the stuff the player (you) are capable of in the game. When you aim and shoot, a ray will be casted by the Sun stone you're holding, and you'll be able to mystically move the blocks. The scripts is still a little buggy, though no errors, but it's considered complete for now. I'll be working on the level design next...


A while ago, I kinda gave my own room-studio a name, and it's called "SuperOrganic168", don't ask me how I got the name (it's a pretty long story), and "deepth" was the first game I released under the studio name.

I spent some dinner time today doing a logo-splash screen thing (without the logo yet, still working on it)... Here are the without-logo version (will upload with-logo vers. if I manage to finish the logo by the time the challenge is over, or I'll just put it in game):

The one with the word "meat" was actually for adding some sense of humour into it (and it sounds the same as the Katakana too), and I kinda thinks that the splash screen looks good already without a proper logo... haha As for the orange theme, orange is my favorite colour...:D


Alex Camilleri said...

Good job man, I hope you'll continue working on it, even after GPCv4

Alex Camilleri said...

Good job man, I hope you'll continue working on it, even after GPCv4

EDIT: wrong website url XD