Monday, February 21, 2011

New game, new challenge...

These few days were fun, first I've finished my final exam (while fearing that I fail some of them), then my internship started. It was kinda fun working. The environment gave me a feeling to work, and thus I had enough time to finish my latest game: "deepth", play it here: deepth.

It was a game prototype challenge held by, to create a game based on two of these themes: "loneliness" and "dimensions"... Sounds pretty hard for me cuz I've never join/enter a challenge before, I thought, this might as well be my first, since I sorta blew up my previous promise; to join the experimental gameplay project 's February challenge... Well, anyway, I got to finally finished it today, which was a good thing, cuz I've a pile of works to do later on.

At Terato Tech, me and my team members were asked to develop a tower defense game for the iOS, and maybe, if possible, PC... We had a great time discussing about it at the office, sounds to us like it's gonna be a great game... XD

Meanwhile, at Hana Creative, I was asked to develop an online game prototype, which I plan to start tomorrow, cuz now I'm pretty exhausted, and lost... not sure how I should start... zzz

Well, anyway, if anyone's reading this, enjoy my new game, and I'm off... nightie~

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