Monday, February 21, 2011

New game, new challenge...

These few days were fun, first I've finished my final exam (while fearing that I fail some of them), then my internship started. It was kinda fun working. The environment gave me a feeling to work, and thus I had enough time to finish my latest game: "deepth", play it here: deepth.

It was a game prototype challenge held by, to create a game based on two of these themes: "loneliness" and "dimensions"... Sounds pretty hard for me cuz I've never join/enter a challenge before, I thought, this might as well be my first, since I sorta blew up my previous promise; to join the experimental gameplay project 's February challenge... Well, anyway, I got to finally finished it today, which was a good thing, cuz I've a pile of works to do later on.

At Terato Tech, me and my team members were asked to develop a tower defense game for the iOS, and maybe, if possible, PC... We had a great time discussing about it at the office, sounds to us like it's gonna be a great game... XD

Meanwhile, at Hana Creative, I was asked to develop an online game prototype, which I plan to start tomorrow, cuz now I'm pretty exhausted, and lost... not sure how I should start... zzz

Well, anyway, if anyone's reading this, enjoy my new game, and I'm off... nightie~

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Unity3d + C#: My early inventory concepts... Part 1

A few month ago I gave myself a little challenge to develop an inventory script right after I finished up with my project at that time... Took me three days to finish, and haven't have the time to comment on it yet. And for some reason, I'm really bad at commenting script, and I'm bad at memorizing stuff too, always forget about how I wrote and structuring my script in the first place... haha

Now I'm taking some time off to document/comment on the early inventory concept that I've scripted. Before going into the script, let's visualize what I'm about to do. So right now, I need to create an array of empty spaces at a specific size of... say 4 by 4, for storing items... like how a normal inventory is like.

AddMaths time!

I'm starting a little side scripting project here which I called "project AddMaths". It's not a game, but a bunch of scripting experiments which I did during my free time. And I added what I've learned (if it's helpful with my future projects) into a new extension file which I named as "AddMaths.cs". By doing this, I could use and reuse these "experimental" functions in my projects, without having to rewrite them all over again in a new project... which was kinda tedious and troublesome. Most of these aren't even that awesome yet, and Unity probably have some even better functions than mine, that I have yet to figure out... XD... 

To check it out, go to the toolbar above and click "AddMaths", or go here.

Use it at your own risk... I mean, it's not gonna harm you or anything, but if you don't like it, just delete it and we're cool... right?