Wednesday, January 26, 2011

VRD3P3 - Intro Scene

With the help of the kickass iTween, I created this intro scene for my game...

The quality was good before I uploaded it... don't know why it become like this... even the lighting looks sort of mess up. Anyway, enjoy!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

VRD3P3 - Environment Final

I think this should be enough, considering that I've spent 2 weeks working on the game's environment, tweaking and adjusting the lighting and stuff...

I've built a demo version on the game which contains only the environment, cuz I haven't start working on the gameplay yet. You can download it here...

I was planning to upload it to some unity game hosting site like GameJolt or IndiePub, but the game is just too freaking big in size, about 70mb... takes too long to load.

Anyway, here're the in-game screenshots:

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

VRD3P3 - Scene 1, texturized

Here're are some pics of the first scene of my game which I'd just finished texturing... My skill in Photoshop is not that good, so texturing this scene took about 5-6 hours, and I'm damn exhausted now~>^<~

Here they are, print screen from inside Unity:

Friday, January 7, 2011

Graved in space...

This was a tiring week, as I was working on the 3d models for my new networking game's environment. Thought I post something up before I go for a nap, here's a little sneak peek at what I'm up to:

These are the interior of my game's environment. It's half finished with around 8000-9000 polys, and I really hope to be able to get it done by tonight, then texturing by Sunday, and start the scripting/programming part next Monday...

As for the networking part, I'm going to use Badumna Trial, which only has a capacity of 60 minutes of gameplay. But I'm sure that's enough anyway, since those networking games (especially indies) don't usually last that long. 

I was suppose to try and tweak with it a few days ago, but I saw a video on YouTube about a way to build an awesome monster trap in Minecraft, and my two days of time were just, "poof", gone into Minecraft... But thanks to an fatal error during the gameplay, I'm back to my feet again and seriously spending more time in this game project.

The submission date was around the 24th of January, and after that I'm gonna be joining another game dev challenge held by Experimental Gameplay Project:

And the same project will also be submitted for the Kongregate's Unity game dev contest and Indie Pub's Independent Propeller Awards.... another exciting month to live for!!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

My New Year's Resolution... Part 1?

Stuff I really want to achieve this year, so terribly~!!!

1. Master all the languages I know -
I know Java, C#, AS3, and Japanese... but due to time constraints and my eagerness to learn more programming language, I deserted Japanese... for about 3 months now. I really regretted it and want to go back and re-learn everything from the start, with every free time I have. Besides that, I also wanna master those programming language I know, though not entirely mastering it, but to be able to code better than 2010... and to be able to speak Japanese more fluently and write more posts entirely in Japanese (so far, I'd only written one... hehe)...

2. Finish projects and submit them - 
Up until now, other than EcoTat, I seriously have not finish a single project, and always looking for excuses to go pass it. But not this year anymore, I really need to finish my latest work, a networking game, in those 3 weeks time I have left before submission. By submitting it, I don't mean submitting it to the lecturer or what so ever, but I mean submitting it for some competitions, indie sites, or any GDC events. It's time for me to "step out" into the world now, now that I've been developing games for almost a year... 

3. Learn Android/iPhone apps development - 
A while ago, my uncle from OnSemi sent me an e-mail about a course regarding Android which cost about rm3800?! That's quite a fortune, but I've also checked the list, and you could really learn a lot from the 5 days course. Anyway, I plan not to register for it anyway, particularly because the fees was too damn high! And I just thought I could learn it myself with some guides online, same way on how I learn to code in C#. I think of it as a new little challenge for myself in this 2011 new year, though I actually plan to get an Apple PC instead and learn XCode for iOS, since the place where I'm going for intern was a small holy community of XCoders, I might learn a thing or two from them. Due to the fact that I can't afford an Apple PC now, I'll have to give up my little dream, and pursue the cheaper way instead -- Android, while thinking that I might, probably learn a slight bit of XCode and use their Apple PC while I was there though... sigh...

4. Lose 10kg - 
So current weight was at an average of 75kg, and I've been telling one that I'm gonna lose weight, I'm gonna do one of those cardiovascular activity to burn my fats and everything, but I ended up not doing them anyway. I'm not wishing to own a muscular body or so, but instead a not-that-fat body without the big tummy. FYI, I'm a game programmer, and that means I stayed at home most of the time (though I like shopping for clothes, with some friends)... Now how am I suppose to reach this goal while retaining my current lifestyle and habits... hard!

5. Earn 100,000 - 
Previously, after hearing my lecturer's success story on how he earn 50,000 (or more) in just a few months' time, I was really thrilled and started a plan to do the same thing, earning 50,000 before the end of 2010. Well, I failed... Earning money is hard, especially by that much amount. You really need a lot of focus on a project and finishing it with heart, before you could finally earn something off it, at least that's what I believe in... I just checked my account over at GameJolt, and I've earned only about $0.02 off my games (most probably from EcoTat I think...). Anyway, I'm having the same plan this year but with a different amount in mind: 100,000! Be it in USD or RM, as long as it's 100,000 (or more), then I'll not have anymore regrets this year anymore when 2012 comes... I'll probably join a lot of competitions, make some apps and sell them  (though I'm still at the stage of learning how to develop an app).

6. Get a life - 
As much as I don't wanna to admit, but I'm becoming more and more like what they call an "otaku". You know, those guys/girls who are obsessed about something that they collect everything about it, or those who stay at home more than they stay outside, or those who stay at home so long that they are basically a hikikimori already... Anyway, I'm one of those who stay at home more than I stay outside my apartment. The thing is, every since I enter my second year, things started to get tougher, and the amounts of assignments are getting higher, my friends whom are all in the same degree as I am were staying at home more than usual human being, even the girls! I must admit, I'm more fond of programming and game development than staying outside, but still, I can't let myself stay this way. I need to get... a life! Probably hanging out with a new girl instead of my other girl-friends is probably a good start, I might even end up being in a relationship with her, like that guy from Densha Otoko... LOL...

So, that sorta concludes the first part of my new year's resolution, there's still more, but it's about time for me to sleep and I wanna publish this first part sooner...

And lastly, a new year's smile from me...

with my signature smile... :P