Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Blender Notes #1

Just to note on some stuff I always forgot when using Blender...

1. Making Camera tracks an object
Adjusting the camera (both translation and rotation) can be a pain if doing it manually. In one of the Blender tutorial I followed, they showed me a way to make camera tracking on object easier. 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Chapter 100

I haven't been posting stuff for quite a while, and I can see from the blogger stats that the number of viewers are slowly declining. Not that I care about that but it's good to know that someone is reading my blog :D So, what I've been up to recently?

Friday, September 30, 2011

Exploring AR using Unity3D and Qualcomm AR SDK

This week, I spent a large amount of time wondering what I should do to spend my first week of holiday before throwing myself into the sea of assignments, which I will do on the 2nd and 3rd week of holiday later on. I decided to explore AR.

I've done AR before, using Flash and AS3:

Monday, September 19, 2011

Unity3D: Web Player Blogger Gadget

Been meaning to try this for a really long time (found the link almost a year ago in unity forum):

Second Visions - Dev Blog 4

First of all, an announcement! I've just found out that there's already a game out there in the market which is also called "Second Sight", for the PS2 console. To avoid confusion between that product and mine, I'm gonna have to change the name from "Second Sights" to "Second Visions", without changing the meaning of the name. Apparently I didn't do enough research for this game of mine, what a bummer!

So the name has changed, now let's move on to the new updates! I've already started working on the coding part, and the basic control of the game has been done, and here's a video for it:

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Second Visions - Dev Blog 3

Just finished up some animations for the main character of Second Visions. In the new FBX, it now has these animations:
- idle
- walk
- interact

Thursday, September 8, 2011

An Obvious Failure

Last month, I sent an entry for a local game making competition called the IPCC (Intellectual Property Creator Challenge) which was held every year for Malaysians to create creative projects, then submit it for pitching it up to get a 50 grands (RM) funding to produce a commercial ready game later on. And everyone was given 3 months (since the announcement) to develop their projects.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Second Visions - Dev Blog 2

A lot have changed since the last post of the "Second Visions" column. For one, in order to make the process easier, I've started learning Blender 3D and using it to develop the 3D assets of 2nd Visions, due to the reason that one, I wanted to use my MBP for the entire development of the game; and two, Blender offers a much more easier environment for 3D assets building.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

One September Post

Finally got some time to write something here. I haven't been developing games lately, and by developing, I mean doing the coding part... as I'm now working on the 3d modelling and animation for one of my next game: Second Sights... in Blender3D. So no real gamedev post for a while this time around... will probably start next week or so, so stay tuned! :D

By the way, I just turned 21 two weeks ago, I'm now finally a man (lol). During my cake candle-blowing session, I wished for an unusual wish -- to retire before I'm 25. Which means, I still have 4 years to go then... and seriously, I still haven't created a sellable game yet, or try testing out the Apple's app-developer thing I signed up a while back. Also, it means I've got a lot to do from now on then~ I've list down a list of things I wanna to do before I'm 22, and started conducting some of them (including signing up for a piano lesson)... so that's a start for me.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Second Visions - Dev Blog 1

Looks like the development blog for Second Visions isn't going to be a daily thing, but more like weekly. I just started working on it Sunday night, and now I've kinda completed the game's level 1 environment models.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Second Sights - Announcement

The design stage for "Second Sights" just ended yesterday, and according to my schedule I have about 5 weeks to develop a prototype. Actually I don't really need to be in such a rush, I have about 20 weeks (5 months) to develop the Beta, but I wanted to push myself more this time. 

So "Second Sights" is a game about a blind guy who has the ability to "borrow/steal" the biological perception of living things around him. And it's gonna be a second person shooter, stealth-action game, and a little bit of simulation involve. If it's possible, I'll try to do a daily post on my progress, might skip a few days though.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

UnityExperiment 101: Turn-Based RPG Battle System

JRPG or turn-based RPG was my favorite game genre, particularly for games like the Persona, Final Fantasy, and the Tales-of series. I hope that one day I'll be able to make a turn-based RPG games as awesome as those (maybe not as good as their graphics :D).

I made a turn-based RPG game about two years ago, when I first started using Unity. It's called EcoTat: The Bengal Tigress, you can find it in my games archive. The battle system was less logic based and more animation based, as I have less time to develop it while learning how to use its scripting system.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

newDomainName == awesome;

It took exactly 72 hours (3 days) for my new domain name: to work. I felt both piss off (at Google, for taking so long) and exciting at the same time. However... it was worth the wait, my blog has got its own domain now, and don't I seriously know what else should I do right now... Should I open up a champagne and celebrate it, or continue my game development life as always. Well... I choose the latter.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Story writing tips for games

Story telling is very important in games. A lot of award winning games these days, such as the Mass Effect, Bioshock and Fallout franchises, Heavy Rain, Alan Wake tells great stories. And of course, to tell a great story, one must also design a great story for it too.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Game design, game design, game design...

Haven't update this blog for like ages (around 1 month I guess). Well, I've been working on a new game for my final year project, and it's gonna called "Second Sights" (it's lame, will change to a new one later on). It's currently at the design and research stage, been for about 1 month and a half now, and should be going into development in about 2 weeks.

Monday, June 20, 2011

“escape from Ghost House No.7”, a GPCv6 game

The GPCv6 event started last Monday, and anyone chooses to participate has to make a game within 7 days based on the theme: Electricity and Closure.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Unity3d + C# + iOS/Android: In-game cheating system

Abstract (if you wanna skip this part, head below for "Description")
Debugging and testing your game in the iOS can be kinda annoyingly hard sometimes when you wanna:
1. change some attributes of your player in the scene, make sure the controls flow well - using cheat codes to change some values or booleans, just like changing it in the inspector when you were working on it in the Unity editor

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

An internship and an experience plus

For the past few months (since around the end of February), I've been working in and experiencing the game industry, in Terato Tech. Throughout the span of 14 weeks of my internship programme, I've learned a lot from the people there. 

And here's a list of things I picked up and learned from there (in point forms, I hate writing essays):
1. Experiencing the real world - the "real world" is

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Unity3d + C#: 2D game background scrolling and percentage sign...

In 2d game development, they are lot of times where you would want the background texture (tile-able) of your game to scroll while your character is "running" (where in fact he wasn't), to make it looks like he's really running across the scene.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Unity3d + C#: Using List and ArrayList array

Usually when creating an inventory, you would need to first create an array variable to store the content of the inventory. Using UnityScript (or JavaScript) you can do that by declaring an Array variable directly:
var inventoryArray : Array = new Array();

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Achievement Log 03-05-2011

1. Decided on developing a game and finishing it in a month's time - One of the hardest decision I've made, was to make a game within a month... or simply: make a complete game. Well, anyway I joined the 1 Month Game initiative, created a post for my upcoming game which I called "SuperRed", a stealth,

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Achievement Log 28-04-2011

Don't really do an achievement log everyday like I expect, but I'll try doing it frequently.

1. Set up a GitHub - Setting up a GitHub has always been a hardest thing for me to accomplish when I'm using my old Window laptop (maybe I'm just suck). Now that I started using Mac, it only took less than 20 minutes for me to learn and set up the whole thing.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Achievement Log 22-4-2011

Seems like ever since I started working, I don't really have time to write more focus topic on every post so I'm gonna make it fast by writing them in this log-post... will elaborate them more later on when I have the time...

1. Implement WWW and WWWForm on Android app builds - when building an Android application

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Achievement Log 20-04-2011

First post for a new category of my Achievement Log. What it does is to record down all the stuff I've accomplished in that particular day (or week) in this game development hell... XD

1. (Slightly) Found a solution for the iPhone-Trampoline problem for iOS game dev - This happens

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Unity3D: 2D game development...

2D game development
2D games has always been my weakest point in game development, I remember in 2009 when I first started using AS3, I was a total mess, I write codes that could make people laugh to death (yeah, it's that serious!). Have you ever seen a function within a function (2 dimensional function)? Something like this:

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thursday, March 17, 2011

GPCv4 Day 1 & 2 - Game Mechanics + Studio Logo/Splash Screen...


Was having dinner while writing this post... So, right now I'm working on a game for the latest challenge, and the theme of the month is "Burden" and "Sunshine". 

I don't really have any idea for the first 2 days, other than I wanted to make another puzzle game... This time, I'm planning to make a REAL puzzle game, unlike my previous entry which was originally meant to be a platformer, but ended up being an optical-illusion-puzzle-platformer genre instead. 

I did a lot of brain storming, came up with quite a few ideas, and then ended up with the current one which I find would be easier for me to work on in this 7 days of game development. The story is like this: 
"One day the sun suddenly stop working, and the whole world went dark... for a pretty long time. And then decades later, our hero appears, with a stone which he thinks can help save the sun... and he must go to the center of the dark forest through a series of challenges with the help of the stone... in order to reach a machine over there which can harvest the power of the stone and save the sun...". And the stone in this context is something like Sun stone... except that it's not for evolving a Pokemon. The player can use the stone to create a ray of (sun) light and move objects with it, and solve puzzles (if there's really any puzzles at the end)... XD

Anyway, I spent the next 12 to 15 hours coding the game mechanics in Unity3d, and here's what I came up with:

Music by George&Jonathan...

The video shows some of the stuff the player (you) are capable of in the game. When you aim and shoot, a ray will be casted by the Sun stone you're holding, and you'll be able to mystically move the blocks. The scripts is still a little buggy, though no errors, but it's considered complete for now. I'll be working on the level design next...


A while ago, I kinda gave my own room-studio a name, and it's called "SuperOrganic168", don't ask me how I got the name (it's a pretty long story), and "deepth" was the first game I released under the studio name.

I spent some dinner time today doing a logo-splash screen thing (without the logo yet, still working on it)... Here are the without-logo version (will upload with-logo vers. if I manage to finish the logo by the time the challenge is over, or I'll just put it in game):

The one with the word "meat" was actually for adding some sense of humour into it (and it sounds the same as the Katakana too), and I kinda thinks that the splash screen looks good already without a proper logo... haha As for the orange theme, orange is my favorite colour...:D

Monday, March 7, 2011

Unity3d + C#: Reducing draw calls and gaining some performances with CombineChildren.cs and Texture2D.PackTexture

I realize a lot of Unity tutorial out there focus more on the gameplay issue and less in the graphical issue, probably due to the fact that they want to guide/teach you into creating a better game with more kickass functions... Well, in this post, I'm doing a note on ways to reduce draw calls in order for better performance in lower-end PCs. 

Usually a game with high draw calls means it has a ton of meshes in its scene with different textures, materials and shaders, and the PC will have to loads them up and render one after another causing it to gets laggy, unless you have a high-end PC like mine... You can read a more detail explanation in this article at Unity Answers by RobotDuck.

So, a way to reduce this is, as the article explained, by creating a large texture atlas, which is made up of all the textures of the meshes in your scene, and then assign the texture atlas back to the meshes, and then position them to their corresponding textures on the atlas according to their designated UV coordinates. I'm kinda bad at explaining stuff... so I'll just show you this:

This is an example of a texture atlas (taken from the link above), where by you have all the textures of the 3d objects in your scene and then assign the texture to them according to their corresponding UV coordinates...

So let's say you had already created all the textures for your game project and was too lazy to create the texture atlas for time's sake, cuz it can get pretty messy assuming you have like 100 different textures and you would like to have say... 6 different shaders for all of them. Instead of opening up your Photoshop to make those 6 texture atlases (for different shaders), you can pack those textures up into atlas straight way using scripts... 

I found one well-written script, written by "phantom" from the Unity forum which uses the Unity built in functions called Texture2D.PackTexture() to create a texture atlas. I've sorta tested it out, tweaked it a little, and exported it as a unity package... you can download it from here (for Unity vers. 3.x): TexturePacker.unitypackage

And now let me guide you through on how you can use the script... 

Import all the assets into your project folder. Some of the script inside the package, especially CombineChildren and MeshCombineUtility originated from Unity's own Standard Assets. 

Go to the Assets/Scenes folder and open up the "TexAtlasTest" scene, and you'll see 4 cubes inside the scene. Don't touch anything yet, but go to the Game window, and select stats...

The stats window should show a Draw Calls of 4, which make sense, consider we have 4 cubes in the scene with different textures and materials, but uses the same shaders, thus there's a chance here we could combine their textures together and use the same material and texture atlas for all the meshes in the scene. 

Next, in the Hierarchy, you should see a gameObject named "Objs" which contains all the blocks in the scene. When you select it, there should be two scripts attached to it: CombineChildren.cs and TexturePacker.cs 

What this CombineChildren.cs script does is, it combine all the meshes of the children of the gameObject (which was using the script) into one big mesh. And then TexturePacker.cs will combine all the textures of the children to create one huge texture atlas, which would then be auto-UV to all the meshes inside the scene. 

There's two parameters over at the inspector which you could toy around with: 
"Shader Type": the name (in string) of the shader you want to use, and 
"Texture Size": the size of the texture atlas you want to create... it's 1024 x 1024 by default...
As for the "Packed Texture" variable, just leave it alone... It's actually for storing the texture atlas created when you click "play"... so it'll remain empty for now, and then a new texture will appear during play mode...

Those were the two important scripts to make the draw calls reduction possible... Now if you could just click "Play", and look at stats again:

Now we have for the scene, ONE draw calls. (Yeah! :D) 

More explanation about the script used is inside the TexturePacker.cs script itself (those comments in green-colored font)... 

* Important thing to be noted about the scripts when using them is that... these scripts will only turn their children into one huge meshes and one huge texture atlas... Thus, always make sure that you have an empty game object that stores all the meshes which uses the same shaders that you wanna combine into, before using them.

* In the process of packing texture using PackTextures() functions, you may face a problem of getting an error like: "Texture atlas needs textures to have Readable flag set." Don't worry, it's not a bug or anything, you can solve it by going to your texture's folder, click on the textures you're doing the packing on, and in the inspector, look for "texture type" and select "Advanced". Doing so will bring out a number of new parameters. Look for the one called "Read/Write Enabled", check it (for all textures used), and the problem's solved.

What's happening here is that if the "Read/Write Enabled" is not enabled, the texture is never stored in ram, but only vram, as such you cannot use it for packing as the cpu can't access it.

Reference (some cool articles you could also check out):

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Download any Unity3d version...

I'm trying to clean up some bookmarks of mine on Chrome, so I thought I post something up on those things which I bookmarked on (one by one) which might be important for me in the future... :D

Well, anyway, for this post, it's about how to download any Unity3d version from the main site, the link is as follow:, where by "N.N.N" is equal to the version of Unity3d which you wanted to download... such as "3.1.0", "3.0.0", "2.6.1", etc. 

Useful for when you want to open up your old Unity projects but you don't want to ruin/destroy it by upgrading it to the latest version, cuz mine tends to do like that. Like my previous Alice in Wonderland parody game, it's not functioning properly (character move slower, some scripts not working, laggy issue, lighting problem, etc) after I upgraded it to version 3.0... but good thing I saved a copy of it... 

Thanks whoever it is that inform me about the address... forgot who he is, some random Unity3d developer on Twitter...

Started to feel like my blog post was a bit dull... I'll add more images in my future post... regardless of how unrelated it is to the context...

Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Mark Zuckerberg method?

So I'm currently working freelance for a third party game development company (who wants to be first party) on an MMO game prototype... which was also a more local version of a ripoff of the Japanese game AiSpace. And I started having ideas to create an MMO of my own, somehow a little similar to what my client wants me to do, but better, and with more unique contents...

It wasn't until a few days ago when I saw a news somewhere about the Winklevoss twins wanting to get in another lawsuit-battle with Mark ("Zuckerberg" was too hard to type, I'll just go with "Mark") of Facebook (which I'm not gonna go into the details) and the news reminded me of the Facebook story in The Social Network... where Mark sorta "steal" the Winklevoss twins' "idea".

And it gets me wondering, would I be a thief (or a more appropriate title such as: "idea stealing scumbag") for doing the same thing like what Mark did. I'm not saying that the fault's on Mark, I mean he does work very hard on Facebook, and seriously the Winklevoss twins has no right to just come in and claim money on something they did not contribute in, what a bunch of ass... Anyway, my situation now is kinda like what's inside The Social Network:  there's these guys (3rd party dev, no idea on how to code), who wants me to help them write an MMO game, and I kinda plan to slip out and develop another MMO of my own, get successful (just exaggerating XD), and then get sued for a "multi-million dollar idea". <-- (I laughed so hard at the last line)

Well, I'm probably just thinking too much. I'll continue working on their MMO, finish it, and start working on one of my own... And I might not even get to as great as Mark though... I mean, c'mon, there's like a million online games out there (some are great), and how could a beginner like me compete with them... lol... I guess we'll find out... probably next year~ :D

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Work, work, work, and 5 games in total...

As of February 21st 2011, I started working at TeratoTech as an intern for a game programmer position for 3 months; and FYP (Final Year Project) right after that. So currently I've been not-so-formally "assigned" to an Unity3d development section of the company, well apparently there's only like 5 Unity3d developers over here, in which 3 of them includes me and my two other pals who also came here to intern; and two projects for us to handle, in which I'm again, not-so-formally "assigned" to as the lead programmer of those projects... XD

Then, to make my life more exciting, I'm planning two join two more challenges this month (March): EGP and GPC. Not sure if I'm gonna join all of them, but I'm definitely joining one of them, and if both had the same theme at the same time, then I guess I could submit it for both the challenge. haha

Lastly, for the fifth game which I'll be working on (as described above, I'm ady having about 3-4 game projects running in March), will be an online MMO prototype. Not the World of Warcraft type (that's crazy!), but more like Second Life, without the world creation part. It's actually a ripoff of a Japan online game called AiSpace (according to my client). I'm only gonna be working on the scripting part, while the rest (graphics and audio) will be handle by the client's company. Btw, I'm given 6 months to develop this MMO's prototype, not a month, so I still have some time left for other projects too... :) 

Well, in conclusion, though most the games I mentioned that I'd made above will probably take up my entire March period, I still have plans to make my first "big thing" as an indie game developer. I already have the basic concept and some minor advance concept for the "big thing", and I'll develop it as soon as I'm free from all these. And I kinda promise my client that I'd work with them on another two iPad games after the MMO thing, but they're gonna have to get another guy, cuz this guy (me) has a dream (game) he wanna to achieve (make)~

Monday, February 21, 2011

New game, new challenge...

These few days were fun, first I've finished my final exam (while fearing that I fail some of them), then my internship started. It was kinda fun working. The environment gave me a feeling to work, and thus I had enough time to finish my latest game: "deepth", play it here: deepth.

It was a game prototype challenge held by, to create a game based on two of these themes: "loneliness" and "dimensions"... Sounds pretty hard for me cuz I've never join/enter a challenge before, I thought, this might as well be my first, since I sorta blew up my previous promise; to join the experimental gameplay project 's February challenge... Well, anyway, I got to finally finished it today, which was a good thing, cuz I've a pile of works to do later on.

At Terato Tech, me and my team members were asked to develop a tower defense game for the iOS, and maybe, if possible, PC... We had a great time discussing about it at the office, sounds to us like it's gonna be a great game... XD

Meanwhile, at Hana Creative, I was asked to develop an online game prototype, which I plan to start tomorrow, cuz now I'm pretty exhausted, and lost... not sure how I should start... zzz

Well, anyway, if anyone's reading this, enjoy my new game, and I'm off... nightie~

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Unity3d + C#: My early inventory concepts... Part 1

A few month ago I gave myself a little challenge to develop an inventory script right after I finished up with my project at that time... Took me three days to finish, and haven't have the time to comment on it yet. And for some reason, I'm really bad at commenting script, and I'm bad at memorizing stuff too, always forget about how I wrote and structuring my script in the first place... haha

Now I'm taking some time off to document/comment on the early inventory concept that I've scripted. Before going into the script, let's visualize what I'm about to do. So right now, I need to create an array of empty spaces at a specific size of... say 4 by 4, for storing items... like how a normal inventory is like.

AddMaths time!

I'm starting a little side scripting project here which I called "project AddMaths". It's not a game, but a bunch of scripting experiments which I did during my free time. And I added what I've learned (if it's helpful with my future projects) into a new extension file which I named as "AddMaths.cs". By doing this, I could use and reuse these "experimental" functions in my projects, without having to rewrite them all over again in a new project... which was kinda tedious and troublesome. Most of these aren't even that awesome yet, and Unity probably have some even better functions than mine, that I have yet to figure out... XD... 

To check it out, go to the toolbar above and click "AddMaths", or go here.

Use it at your own risk... I mean, it's not gonna harm you or anything, but if you don't like it, just delete it and we're cool... right?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

VRD3P3 - Intro Scene

With the help of the kickass iTween, I created this intro scene for my game...

The quality was good before I uploaded it... don't know why it become like this... even the lighting looks sort of mess up. Anyway, enjoy!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

VRD3P3 - Environment Final

I think this should be enough, considering that I've spent 2 weeks working on the game's environment, tweaking and adjusting the lighting and stuff...

I've built a demo version on the game which contains only the environment, cuz I haven't start working on the gameplay yet. You can download it here...

I was planning to upload it to some unity game hosting site like GameJolt or IndiePub, but the game is just too freaking big in size, about 70mb... takes too long to load.

Anyway, here're the in-game screenshots:

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

VRD3P3 - Scene 1, texturized

Here're are some pics of the first scene of my game which I'd just finished texturing... My skill in Photoshop is not that good, so texturing this scene took about 5-6 hours, and I'm damn exhausted now~>^<~

Here they are, print screen from inside Unity:

Friday, January 7, 2011

Graved in space...

This was a tiring week, as I was working on the 3d models for my new networking game's environment. Thought I post something up before I go for a nap, here's a little sneak peek at what I'm up to:

These are the interior of my game's environment. It's half finished with around 8000-9000 polys, and I really hope to be able to get it done by tonight, then texturing by Sunday, and start the scripting/programming part next Monday...

As for the networking part, I'm going to use Badumna Trial, which only has a capacity of 60 minutes of gameplay. But I'm sure that's enough anyway, since those networking games (especially indies) don't usually last that long. 

I was suppose to try and tweak with it a few days ago, but I saw a video on YouTube about a way to build an awesome monster trap in Minecraft, and my two days of time were just, "poof", gone into Minecraft... But thanks to an fatal error during the gameplay, I'm back to my feet again and seriously spending more time in this game project.

The submission date was around the 24th of January, and after that I'm gonna be joining another game dev challenge held by Experimental Gameplay Project:

And the same project will also be submitted for the Kongregate's Unity game dev contest and Indie Pub's Independent Propeller Awards.... another exciting month to live for!!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

My New Year's Resolution... Part 1?

Stuff I really want to achieve this year, so terribly~!!!

1. Master all the languages I know -
I know Java, C#, AS3, and Japanese... but due to time constraints and my eagerness to learn more programming language, I deserted Japanese... for about 3 months now. I really regretted it and want to go back and re-learn everything from the start, with every free time I have. Besides that, I also wanna master those programming language I know, though not entirely mastering it, but to be able to code better than 2010... and to be able to speak Japanese more fluently and write more posts entirely in Japanese (so far, I'd only written one... hehe)...

2. Finish projects and submit them - 
Up until now, other than EcoTat, I seriously have not finish a single project, and always looking for excuses to go pass it. But not this year anymore, I really need to finish my latest work, a networking game, in those 3 weeks time I have left before submission. By submitting it, I don't mean submitting it to the lecturer or what so ever, but I mean submitting it for some competitions, indie sites, or any GDC events. It's time for me to "step out" into the world now, now that I've been developing games for almost a year... 

3. Learn Android/iPhone apps development - 
A while ago, my uncle from OnSemi sent me an e-mail about a course regarding Android which cost about rm3800?! That's quite a fortune, but I've also checked the list, and you could really learn a lot from the 5 days course. Anyway, I plan not to register for it anyway, particularly because the fees was too damn high! And I just thought I could learn it myself with some guides online, same way on how I learn to code in C#. I think of it as a new little challenge for myself in this 2011 new year, though I actually plan to get an Apple PC instead and learn XCode for iOS, since the place where I'm going for intern was a small holy community of XCoders, I might learn a thing or two from them. Due to the fact that I can't afford an Apple PC now, I'll have to give up my little dream, and pursue the cheaper way instead -- Android, while thinking that I might, probably learn a slight bit of XCode and use their Apple PC while I was there though... sigh...

4. Lose 10kg - 
So current weight was at an average of 75kg, and I've been telling one that I'm gonna lose weight, I'm gonna do one of those cardiovascular activity to burn my fats and everything, but I ended up not doing them anyway. I'm not wishing to own a muscular body or so, but instead a not-that-fat body without the big tummy. FYI, I'm a game programmer, and that means I stayed at home most of the time (though I like shopping for clothes, with some friends)... Now how am I suppose to reach this goal while retaining my current lifestyle and habits... hard!

5. Earn 100,000 - 
Previously, after hearing my lecturer's success story on how he earn 50,000 (or more) in just a few months' time, I was really thrilled and started a plan to do the same thing, earning 50,000 before the end of 2010. Well, I failed... Earning money is hard, especially by that much amount. You really need a lot of focus on a project and finishing it with heart, before you could finally earn something off it, at least that's what I believe in... I just checked my account over at GameJolt, and I've earned only about $0.02 off my games (most probably from EcoTat I think...). Anyway, I'm having the same plan this year but with a different amount in mind: 100,000! Be it in USD or RM, as long as it's 100,000 (or more), then I'll not have anymore regrets this year anymore when 2012 comes... I'll probably join a lot of competitions, make some apps and sell them  (though I'm still at the stage of learning how to develop an app).

6. Get a life - 
As much as I don't wanna to admit, but I'm becoming more and more like what they call an "otaku". You know, those guys/girls who are obsessed about something that they collect everything about it, or those who stay at home more than they stay outside, or those who stay at home so long that they are basically a hikikimori already... Anyway, I'm one of those who stay at home more than I stay outside my apartment. The thing is, every since I enter my second year, things started to get tougher, and the amounts of assignments are getting higher, my friends whom are all in the same degree as I am were staying at home more than usual human being, even the girls! I must admit, I'm more fond of programming and game development than staying outside, but still, I can't let myself stay this way. I need to get... a life! Probably hanging out with a new girl instead of my other girl-friends is probably a good start, I might even end up being in a relationship with her, like that guy from Densha Otoko... LOL...

So, that sorta concludes the first part of my new year's resolution, there's still more, but it's about time for me to sleep and I wanna publish this first part sooner...

And lastly, a new year's smile from me...

with my signature smile... :P