Saturday, November 6, 2010

repair and get done with'em

A lot of stuff to do all over the months... First I have one presentation on Tuesday and a case study to be submitted on Wednesday, then an exam on Saturday. At the same time, I'll have to finish building my portfolio site before sending it to my future (possibly) internship boss, for evaluation... 

So there's a total of 4 Unity games which I had developed thus far, and I've finished building and fixing one of them, which was the latest piece that me and my team created for a competition held by our University. You can play it here.

And here's the main title of the game:

I still have 3 more games to be fixed, it's gonna be another busy week(s) for me...

Besides all these, I was also involved with another project by a few French guys as one of their minor AI programmers (really really minor)... And I've also asked Efraim of the TornadoTwin brothers on whether I could sell any Unity prefab I made at their store, and their reply was 'very possible'. 

Thus, for my next free time, instead of developing games, I'm gonna develop a few prefabs prior to what I mentioned in my previous post - as a preparation before getting into the actual game development... and sell some of them (if they are good enough)...

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