Wednesday, November 17, 2010

some deep, deep, scary dungeon

Been extremely busy in the past few weeks, doing University's assignment and stuff. But now I've got a week's break, I can do whatever I want, which was what really frightening me the most, because it's one of these times where I won't have the will to do anything.

I'm not planning to make any game for now, as I mentioned it one of my previous post, I'm planning to explore the possibility of Unity and enhance my skill before going on making another game in Unity. But that doesn't mean I won't make any game on other platform. I have some puzzle game ideas which I would like to work on Flash... which means I'm gonna have to re-touch the AS3 I left long-long time ago...

Moreover, I continue with my current Unity project - making a dungeon generator (I have been working on it, then deserting it over and over again for the past few weeks). Started around one month ago when I suddenly plan to make a JRPG game. Here's the current progress:

Above shows 4 variety of a 3 corners dungeon. The dungeon will automatically be created (instantiated) when the Play button is click. So currently I'm the stage where it could somehow calculate where it should go/corner itself. At the same time I'm also dealing with tons of scripting problem here, particularly on the rotation part and issues with Quaternion... Despite all the troubles, I felt like wanting to know more - how they programmed the Quaternion function, the formulas etc... I actually found a book entitled Visualizing Quaternion which I plan to read during the mid-break. So for now, I'll just focus on getting the dungeon stuff done.

What else... Oh yeah, I found a pretty good site to learn XNA, called 3D Buzz... Not sure if it's good yet, but the stereotype here is that: if it's made by the west-pros, it has gotta be good. And I've also been working on some game design document (GDD), I really wanna join the game development industry, thus such skill is vry much needed.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Java stuff: Declaring space in Array

One thing I notice about the Array in Java is that, you have to declare whether the Array have space or not, before you can finally Push() values in.

While I was writing my current project's script, I did something like this:

private var arr : Array;

function Start () {

When I click Play, the compiler give me this error:
NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

I realized I had faced the same problem before and my solution previously was to declare a "space" for the array by adding "[]" after declaring the array...

private var arr : Array = [];

function Start () {

I posted this because I never had the same problem in Flash AS3 before... I'm still consider new in Java since I first started using Unity this March, but they are basically the same, just that AS3 is more to object oriented stuff... 

Saturday, November 6, 2010

repair and get done with'em

A lot of stuff to do all over the months... First I have one presentation on Tuesday and a case study to be submitted on Wednesday, then an exam on Saturday. At the same time, I'll have to finish building my portfolio site before sending it to my future (possibly) internship boss, for evaluation... 

So there's a total of 4 Unity games which I had developed thus far, and I've finished building and fixing one of them, which was the latest piece that me and my team created for a competition held by our University. You can play it here.

And here's the main title of the game:

I still have 3 more games to be fixed, it's gonna be another busy week(s) for me...

Besides all these, I was also involved with another project by a few French guys as one of their minor AI programmers (really really minor)... And I've also asked Efraim of the TornadoTwin brothers on whether I could sell any Unity prefab I made at their store, and their reply was 'very possible'. 

Thus, for my next free time, instead of developing games, I'm gonna develop a few prefabs prior to what I mentioned in my previous post - as a preparation before getting into the actual game development... and sell some of them (if they are good enough)...