Sunday, September 26, 2010

End of a Chaos, Start of a new... Chaos

Again, a lot have been going on this week, first of all, my AIW's presentation was a big let down. I learned my lessons now, that people never appreciate the technology (inner) side of a game but more on the way it feels (outer). Both the tech and interface played important roles in a game, as the interfaces runs on the tech, and if the tech wasn't good, the interface wouldn't be good either...

Either way, game development, virtual reality, and some other stuff related to interactions are complicated and takes time to understand. In which I took my first step, by reading The Art of Game Design by Jesse Schell. I couldn't find the book anywhere in the stores so I downloaded a copy of it from somewhere on the internet, but as a book lover and collector, I'll definitely buy one in the future, cuz I still prefer holding the book than reading it off the PC screen...

Anyway, it was a good read. I get a lot of tips from it even after only reading the first half of the first chapter. One thing I like the most was what he mentioned it the book that a game or an application is about giving people experiences, and it reminded me of the Dejobaan games called "AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!!: A Reckless Disregard for Gravity"...

One of the reason I think it was a huge success is because it gave me an experience of jumping off a building and... well... it was a really awesome game, but definitely not for people who are afraid of height though (yeah, it was 'that' scary).

I heard those "giving people experiences" stuff all the time in the Dean's Experiential Studies class, the Interaction Studies class... almost once or twice every week. But I guess it was tons of failures (I failed lots of time in my journey of making a good games) that leads me to finally listen to what they say. For instance, just now I was doing some game designs for my new game which I was planning to submit for the 9th Casual Gameplay Design Competition held on JayisGames. And this time it wasn't just plainly "sketch a few stuff" and "I've got everything in my head" stuff, but actually writing it down and plan to finish building everything before I make it (mostly because I was gonna make a puzzle platformer game, that's why).

Unlike before, this time I'm really gonna join the competition. Before this, I used to say that I will join but then ended up not joining in the end. Well, that time I was too over confident of myself... This time I'm seriously planning to venture into the indie game biz. Oh yeah, I even found myself a freelance music composer, and of course I have to give him a share whenever I won a competition or something.

Whether I'm going to win or not is still a big question, just depends on whether I can design a better game from now on (against millions of other indie game developers). Let's just see how it goes then!

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