Thursday, August 5, 2010

Breaking the process

So I've got a few... as a matter of fact a lot of game ideas in mind, mostly JRPG style (my favorite game genre). But judging from my current skill, it's actually quite impossible for me to finish any one of them. There's still a few possibilities which I wanted to explore in Unity, thus I'm gonna break the process down to pieces and do experiment on each of them while at the same time making a game based on what I've learned, just like what Sophie Houlden did... Her idea was sorta good btw, really need to thank the Game Developer Mags for showing me her existence.

So, here are a bunch of stuff (elements) that would make up the game I wanna make in the future:
1. 3rd person shooter (gonna work on a game project for campus soon, and it's gonna be using the 3rd person shooter camera)
2. Cut scenes (camera movements)
3. Enemy AI (I'll start with walking... then further. Currently reading AI for Games by Morgan Kaufmann)
4. Turn based battle system (ady have the basic concept and structure of the program)
5. Characters conversation (not sure about the name, but this one's like how you talk to another character inside a Japanese game, the chatting stuff with the floating picture if the character)
6. Gizmo (I want the GUIs to appear above or around the character)
7. Interactive GUI and interfaces (other than just GUI, I wanna try Movie texture on the game interface to make it looks more lively)
8. Loading screen (the loading screen just like the one in the game consoles' games)
9. More animations!!! (on 3ds max, and probably... if I'm free... Maya!)
10. Foreign languages (always wanted to make a foreign language film, and Jap is definitely the main choice here)
11. Character modelling (I suck at this, still improving... since I can only depends on myself to make things workout the way I wanted)
12. Character design (hand drawn stuff, especially mecha!!! I can draw but suck at mecha-lish drawing)

That's about what I could think of thus far... I know there's more, but I just can't recall back what I had in mind previously at the moment. I might make 5 more games for those things I've mentioned up there, you know, to strengthen my skills...

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