Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Finally finish making my second Unity game: Red Chariot Survivor... It's a driving game, where player trying to outta the dark mansion while at the same time, staying alive.

I was originally planning to write a few development post about it... But due to insufficient amount of time for me to complete this project (I was given 6 days by my lecturer), and with my router broken (thus, no internet!!!) I hardly can.

I'm now attempting to upload the current version to dimeRocker, while working on a newer version for the DigiCon6 submission... If I won in any category, I can (stand a chance to) go to Japan!

Friday, July 16, 2010


Been working on my game level's design for the entire day. Apparently, it's harder than I thought, I mean, it's not that hard if someone else were to do it, but for me it's hard, as I didn't really have a solid plan about the level's design. I had already done the top view sketch, but my mind kinda want something different when I was actually building it...

from this...

to this.

Basically, the level is complete, just need some programming stuff to make it better.

Oh yeah, the game is called RedChariot by the way, it was originally called "Anciently Survivor", but I felt the name was kinda lame, and my racing car was a red chariot, so... that's why.

Some screenshots of the RedChariot vehicle.

I thought blogging would make me lose off some stress, but it doesn't... Anyway, it's fun to blog again (after deserted it for a while), and I really hope that I can blog a full Japanese post later in the future. Okay now back to work~ got 2 days left till final submission of this project... I'm a busy man~(T3T)~

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Game Developer Mags

Just found out that one of my favorite mags in high school, Game Developer Mags is still publishing now:

Still got my old March 2006 issue lying on my desk.

Wonder if they're still selling it in M'sia, probably only Kinokuniya have this kinda great magazine these days. Anyway, great to know that they haven't gone, and I've been downloading its latest issue in PDF off the internet. But I prefer to read it (and any other books) on hand, rather than on the PC screen... I really should get an iPad.