Saturday, June 12, 2010

Scare Me, Not!

After a few days and hours of self-mind struggling, I've finally decided to start another game project. Not sure how many times have I said the word "this time, is for real!", and then subsequently halt a number of game projects, but I'm still gonna say this again: this time, is for real!!!

Below is my current project's detail:
Project name: Scare me, NOT!!! (tentative title)
Genre: Adventure, JRPG
No of Bosses: 6
Synopsis: The children of Fairmere Ville has been disappearing one by one every since the arrival of the new village chief (Rowan). Rumor has it that he lure the kids into the forest, and then eat them alive. A gang of 3 kids from the village notice that one of their friend from their gang has gone missing for a couple of days. They were convinced that rumor to be true as they last seen their friend getting scolded by the village chief for accidentally stepping on his plantation, he was then taken into the chief's house and has never been seen since then. The 3 kids plan to find their friend and solve the mystery of the missing kids by attempting to ruin the chief's plantation on purpose -- to get into his "trouble", and mystery turns out to be more complicated than they thought...

Now I know the synopsis may already make the game sounds hard to make, but I'm not in a rush, and will take my time to make it.

That's all for this post, I'll try to update more if I've got time...

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