Thursday, June 24, 2010

3ds Max 2011, you've changed... I hardly know you anymore...

Finally got my copy of 3ds Max 2011 yesterday. My friends has been telling me how amazing it looks (though he never really used one before), now I'm finally get to see it myself.

The main interface was pretty much than the previous 2010 version, nothing much changed here.

The toolbar interface has become something a little similar to Microsoft's Word toolbar.

What I did next was loading up a file of mine from the 2009 version, I planned to continue modelling my stuff in the 2011 version to slowly adapt to the new environment. To my further surprise, the material editor has become something far more superior than I expected. It's like the software has its own window and you can open softwares (materials) inside. Something which I would call a "brilliant" interface (and yeah, I'm that optimistic and simple).

So it got me thinking: if the material editor has already become something like this, what's gonna happen to my favorite Render To Texture?! And...

nothing happen... thank goodness... Thus, I'm gonna start working on my project with the new kid here. Bye bye 2009...

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