Saturday, June 26, 2010


Finally, I'm on the 41st posts here. It's been long, for almost half a year since I started this blog. I have had numerous version of the "JakeL168" blog over the years, but this is by far the one I had for the longest period of time.

It's a good thing that Blogger finally added the "Design" setting, cuz I've been struggling with my blog's design for a long time, looking for the right layout for my blog. I'm just too interface-sensitive. Even the current layout only satisfied me by 50%. As far as I know, all of the previous one didn't even get pass 30%.

Anyway, the only project which I started and can be considered "done" so far was EcoTat. made using Unity3D. I have no intention of ever improving it anymore since it was just a prototype, unless if I start over with a new design and scripting.

I've had all these crazy ideas in my head which I wanna start working on. For now I wanna create a turn-based RPG game about school-life and children's folklore, but I still don't know where to start from. Btw, the course which I'm taking now has taken a serious step, more towards the preparation of game design now. I'm hoping that after all these, I can finally be able to conduct my own preparation of game design, and start making game!!!

Lastly, I've finalized the name of my project, it's gonna be called "AfterSchool", instead of "Scare me, not!". I've design some basic logo for the game's ScreenSelector (for later Unity's use):

Title + A little Japanese words in there (both Katakana and Kanji) to make it looks cooler... I prefer the Katakana vers.

"Importing" .upk to UDK

Well according to some experts out there, it's impossible to actually import a .upk to an Unreal Development Kit (UDK), but it can be open it. What it meant was that (took me a long while to understand it), once the file is copied into where the UDK is installed (usually it's in the C drive, outside the Program Files, I copied mine in the folder: C:\UDK\UDK-2010-02\Engine\Content), start-up UDK and it'll in the Content Browser.

However, though it's in the content browser, it won't show a thing when clicked on, not sure why. It can be fixed by right-clicking the package and select "Fully Load". After a short while, the textures and stuff will appear in the browser...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

3ds Max 2011, you've changed... I hardly know you anymore...

Finally got my copy of 3ds Max 2011 yesterday. My friends has been telling me how amazing it looks (though he never really used one before), now I'm finally get to see it myself.

The main interface was pretty much than the previous 2010 version, nothing much changed here.

The toolbar interface has become something a little similar to Microsoft's Word toolbar.

What I did next was loading up a file of mine from the 2009 version, I planned to continue modelling my stuff in the 2011 version to slowly adapt to the new environment. To my further surprise, the material editor has become something far more superior than I expected. It's like the software has its own window and you can open softwares (materials) inside. Something which I would call a "brilliant" interface (and yeah, I'm that optimistic and simple).

So it got me thinking: if the material editor has already become something like this, what's gonna happen to my favorite Render To Texture?! And...

nothing happen... thank goodness... Thus, I'm gonna start working on my project with the new kid here. Bye bye 2009...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Scare Me, Not!

After a few days and hours of self-mind struggling, I've finally decided to start another game project. Not sure how many times have I said the word "this time, is for real!", and then subsequently halt a number of game projects, but I'm still gonna say this again: this time, is for real!!!

Below is my current project's detail:
Project name: Scare me, NOT!!! (tentative title)
Genre: Adventure, JRPG
No of Bosses: 6
Synopsis: The children of Fairmere Ville has been disappearing one by one every since the arrival of the new village chief (Rowan). Rumor has it that he lure the kids into the forest, and then eat them alive. A gang of 3 kids from the village notice that one of their friend from their gang has gone missing for a couple of days. They were convinced that rumor to be true as they last seen their friend getting scolded by the village chief for accidentally stepping on his plantation, he was then taken into the chief's house and has never been seen since then. The 3 kids plan to find their friend and solve the mystery of the missing kids by attempting to ruin the chief's plantation on purpose -- to get into his "trouble", and mystery turns out to be more complicated than they thought...

Now I know the synopsis may already make the game sounds hard to make, but I'm not in a rush, and will take my time to make it.

That's all for this post, I'll try to update more if I've got time...