Friday, April 30, 2010

凄いな アイパドとアイフォンのゲジェト


Cubase 5: Exporting your audio

I had this audio exporting problem when I was trying to export the fake radio show assignment I was working.

Turns out if you just simply click on export, in Cubase 5, you get none of the stuff you want, but a bunch of piano tunes.

Here's a more appropriate way to export audio on Cubase 5:

1. Select all the tracks on the screen, drag and select all of them using your mouse.

drag and cover the entire (or just a part of the audio) which you would like to export

be noted that Cubase 5 will only export the audio you chose here. if there's any part of the audio which you don't want to be a part of the exported file but you wish not to delete the track which contains it, you just have to de-select it (shift+click)

2. Next, go to the toolbar and look for Transport>Locators (F) to Selection, and this function will make the 2 selectors above the tracks to be placed in the range of your audio.

Transport>Locators to Selection, or F

notice that the locators up there is covering up all of your selections, in light blue

3. After that, go to File>Export>Audio Mixdown, a box will appear for you to customize the name of your audio, where you wanna export it to, and the file format you prefer.


name, name!

file location

file type (I would usually choose WAVE of AIFF for the best quality)

4. Click export after you're done with everything. A loading bar will shows up, wait for a while (depends on your audio length), and Voila! You've got your audio exported...