Sunday, February 21, 2010

I always sees the term "" being used in tons of codes all over the internet, but I never really understand what it is, and what it could actually do, don't even wanna find out.

Until a while ago, when I plan to put the same function for different buttons of the same eventListeners, I realized how convenient it can be.

I have all the buttons inside the same DisplayObject called "mainMap". Then I assigned functions for all of them through: (.desertI, .grassHillI, .volcanoI, etc...), where by "townI" is one of the button in "mainMap".

Saturday, February 20, 2010

bad habits

It's 2010, a new year, and I've accomplished nothing through the years in 2009. I was having this sort of bad habits which I think almost everyone also has, I was too ambitious.

Every time I started working on a game, I started small, and no brainstorming or a simple pen-down notes for the game which I'm about to make. And that project ended up being scrapped, left in a folder on my hard drive, waiting to rot...

I planned to join competitions, but I ended up not joining any of them because I kept stressing out myself with the theme or requirement of the competition, when I could have just submit anything.

I wanna be a game designer but I have not much of a determination to start with. Told myself I would make 100 games before I graduate, but I only made 2 low-class games so far.

This year, I wanna try something different, I wanna try not being too ambitious, and start making good, standard small games... May the god of games help us all!