Tuesday, January 26, 2010

talk myself out of you... all!: main character's interactions

I've been having a lot of troubles giving name to my game, a good name... Therefore the name which I'm currently assigning to the game I'm currently working on will be: "Talk myself out of you... all!".

Below is the current progress of the game:

1. There are 3 different buttons which you could click on, in which each of them carry out different functions: attack, magic, and heal.
2. You can use any attack you want, but the magic attack (last button) won't work unless you have a certain level of confidence.
3. You need to keep on attacking until your confidence bar (the tube on the left side) is filling up itself. And when you get to a certain level, you can start using the magic attack.

Now, it's only been 2 days since I started working on this project, I've managed to finish coding the main interaction of the character, but haven't started on the enemy's AI, which to me is kinda complex, and needed 2 to 3 days to further working on it...

I'm also struggling with the perfection of the graphic, for instance: making sure the X and Y axis is in the range of rounded up numbers, and no decimal points, else I'll get all fed up about it.

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