Tuesday, January 19, 2010

rise of a new company

Haven't blog for a while now, many things has been going on this week. First off, my China pal, Wang Zi had agreed to form a team with me in game designing. We hadn't decide what name should we put yet, just wait till he's back and we could discuss further about it, but in the meantime, I'm just gonna put it as: "Studio 168", or "168 Games" something like that, but I would most certainly prefer a cooler name.

And on Monday, my lecturer told me about a small job offer in designing the graphics and animation for a iPhone game prototype, from some guy who's good at programming but not much on the graphics. I've accepted the offer and had been working on it since... Perhaps I'm not really good with graphic too, but I tried my best to do it, and here's what I'm came up with so far:

This is gonna be an iPhone game?

Still feels like it's lack of something about it... This is only 50% of the works, still got 50 more % to be finished...

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