Monday, January 11, 2010

love for pixelated games

If I were to choose the best type of graphic for a game's opening/title/introduction screen from a normal game and a pixelated game, I would've choose the second one.

Since we all are living in an era where colours are not that limited anymore on any digital device (gameboy, psp, tv, nds,etc...), most of us should be more interested in all these high quality, full coloured graphic 3d games. Instead, if you ask any fellow gamers in Japan (or even gamers like me who are into Made-In-Japan games), they would prefer pixelated games rather than that.

Why do I like pixelated game?
It's freaking cute, and also for some reason (haven't thought it out yet), I find pixelated stuff extremely amazing. So, I thought, if I ever wanna make a opening/title screen for my all my games, it would have to be pixelated.

Also, there's Pokemon Platinum, which could become a boring RPG game to me if the textures weren't all pixelated.

Lastly, I made myself a simple pixelated intro for my games which would appear later in the future. It's kinda simple, but I'll renovate it later when I've got time...

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