Tuesday, January 12, 2010

happy + relieve + tears of happiness

As a beginner in AS3, I've encounter and made numerous mistakes in scripting, and sometimes unable to solve most of them, which resulted in causing my head growing more white hairs than ever. I mean, I can feel it, when my hair is turning into white.

When the problem first arises, I get a back-brain-ache. Then I can feel goosebumps on my hair, as if some hairs is trying dropped itself out of my head. After that whole process, my hair gets all oily and stuff, making it easier for me to comb it (only if I wanna comb), but it gets's kinda annoying to have oily stuff on my hairs, which is also part of the reason why I rarely use hair gel, I use more deodorant than anything.

When the problem is solve, all the goosebumps get going; back-brain-ache gone (but it'll soon be back as the next mistake could arise in a few more seconds); a shouted quietly: よかった; some tears dropping out of my eyes for a while (probably I hadn't have a good sleep for a while).

Just a while ago, I solve a small mistakes I made in more than 3 hours. It's such a small mistakes, and yet it brought me more troubles than I can ever imagine (it's imaginable for me sometimes, since I faced them most of the times), and I decided to post that relieving experience here...

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