Monday, January 4, 2010

final decision

I gave myself a few thoughts about what kind of game which I wanted to make this holiday. I need to be fast, because it'll end in 2 weeks time. A great flash game developer I know once said: Rushing is not best way to make a great flash game.

But dude, I've only got 3 weeks left to make a flash game to be submitted for the upcoming flash game making competition!!!

So I've got myself 2 ideas:
-a RPG game about a mucus-like monster trying kill other monsters and their bosses, and complete the 7 stages game.

2. "get off my table!"
-a simple flash game about killing ants with a magnifier, and get them off your table.

Still have a lot on my list, but this 2 were the one which I thought was the best among them.
Since I've already started working on "get off my table!", I suppose I'll just continue working with it then...

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