Sunday, January 10, 2010

getOffMyFloor, ants!


-Use the mouse to kill the ants on the "floor"/screen.
-You can drag the mouse to make the "light" bigger.

Type of attacks:
-red light: the smallest circle, kill enemy in the lowest time.
-orange light: the second biggest circle, kill enemy in a longer time than the red circle, but can kill more than 2 enemies at a time.
-yellow light: paralyze enemy (enemies) and stop their movement, basically useless.

-kill as many ants as possible before the limit of 20 ants.

-just dragged out the orange circle and use it.

-Don't put your PC's sound at the loudest. I didn't put a turn off sound button in this game, play it at your own risk (of your ears).


P.S. I'll update this game if I've got time... to update.
P.S.2 My current score for this game is 3700 points.

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