Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Some Shortcuts To Smoothen Unity to iOS Deployment

To ensure a smooth build, archiving and then push to AppStore, check the following settings.
***** Especially since Apple started demanding that the dev build for its 64-bit ( and 32-bit ) devices.
I'll add more details as I go.

Before making build, while in Unity:
1. Go to Player Settings > Other Settings > Configuration > Scripting Backend, change value to IL2CPP.

Before making Archive, while in Xcode:
1. Go to Build Settings > Architectures, change value ( from probably "arm7" ) to "Standard architectures ( arm7, arm64 )..."

2. Go to General > Deployment Info > Requires full screen, change value to true ( check the box ).

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Note: Solving the low frame rate issue on Andriod

Saw this term popping up a lot on Unity Profiler: Graphics.PresentAndSync which was hiking up my GPU.

Solved it by:
1. Changing the V Sync Count in Quality Setting to Don't Sync.
2. Changing the Graphics Level ( in Player Settings > Other Settings ) to Force Open GL ES 2.0 ( instead of Automatic ).
3. Disable any sprites in scene whose alpha is 0.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Review: Unity 2D Game Development Cookbook

Yet another book from Packt Publishing on developing games using the Unity engine, with more focus on 2D game development, such as using Unity’s powerful Sprite feature.

Some part of the book can go a little too detailed and gamedev-mood-killing for me. If you don't mind reading more technical explanations, this book should be fine for you. I find it useful for referencing purposes.

Would recommend this for those who have zero experience in Unity or game development.

Scores: 7/10

Check out the book here:

Sunday, March 15, 2015

HTML5: Font loading

Load the font you want to use in your page:

 font-family: "newFont";
 src: url( newFont.ttf );

 font-family: "newFont";

NOTE: Make sure that there's no spacing between "url" and the open bracket, such as this:

 src: url ( newFont.ttf );

It'll cause the font not being able to get loaded.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Bookmark: Solving the MonoDevelop Editor slow/lag problem

( It sure solves the lag problem by a ton~! )

Just disable all the Git related support ( Git / Mercurial / Subversion ), if you're NOT using any of them.

Step 1: Open "Add-In Manager"

Step 2: Look for and expand "Version Control"

Step 3: Select and Disable EVERYTHING~!!!

Btw, I'm still using MD 2.8.2 ( at this moment of writing ) because the latest MD just has to mess with me with its code folding bug. ( > _ < !!!)


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Postmortem - Defeat The Boss #IndieQuilt

Made a game called "Defeat The Boss" for the IndieQuilt game jam during most of my July's free time.

You can check out the game here:
Defeat The Boss @ GameJolt

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Stress Relieving Habits

I've a problem, I'm stressed.
With work, with exam, and some minor things.
This stress thing kinda got me into doing some really terrible things, like cancelling projects.
I'm sure it's not just me, but as game developers, we tend to have tons of ideas we think it would be fun to work on. And it would be nice and stress relieving to ditch current project to work on that new ideas.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Unity 4.x Game Development by Example

In "Unity 4.x Game Development by Example" (link), the author describes in detail making games with Unity3D version 4 and above.

The author covers a lot of what you can do with Unity, from basic script writing to tweaking Physics to using Unity's own Animation tool.

Each tutorial is made up of a combination of Unity features that is designed to help readers pick up easily. I particularly like the part where the author go in-depth with how each line of the code works, in regards to the game that the tutorial intended to make.

It's a good starter book for those who are just getting into Unity or have zero knowledges in game programming.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Global Game Jam 2014

The past few days had been some crazy ones, first I joined the Global Game Jam 2014 and then the company's game jam. My mind is now tired as hell, and good thing there's all the Chinese New Year holidays for my brain to recover.

The Jam
For this year's GGJ, I knew there was gonna be a long hour of idea-pitching session that would bored the heck out of me, that I decided to just find an artist and go with the penalty that our local GGJ had ( not sure about the GGJ for other countries though ).

Since I arrived late at the jam site due to work, I have little time to prepare my game ideas. Good thing that the artist I recruited on site has some pretty solid ideas of his own. I chose the idea that sounds like a Smash Bros. fighting game, went to request for the GGJ "dont-want-to-pitch-my-idea-because-I-have-my-own-team" penalty, which is basically choosing 3 random names generated from the Video Game Name Generator, select 1 title and just make a game out of it.

The titles our team got was: "Panzer Surgery Invaders", "Middle East Drug Dealing Conspiracy", and "Tribal Gun Revenge". Our final game had a little something from the first two titles.

Panzer Surgery Invaders ( PC, Mac, Linux )
The title we ended up choosing is neither making any sense nor has any relation with our game at all, though there is something middle-eastern-ish in it. I'm not even sure I remember what the theme was after the first day of development.

For the music we use one from an old game with hope that no one will sue us, as we don't have a composer or a lawyer to handle such problems. Worst come to worst we'll just replace the music with any music anyone would wanna compose for it.

Oh and keep an open mind when you play the game, as some audience thought some of the characters design was inappropriate.

Download Panzer Surgery Invaders ( GGJ14 )

It was a fun jam. Get to meet a lot of new developers, as well as the developer of Sokobond, Harry Lee. I had the honour to participate in his experimental game idea for GGJ14, which was really awesome.

As soon as this jam was over, I had another company game jam the next day, where me and a colleague made a board game. Will talk about that some other time.

Sunday, January 5, 2014


2013 has been a great year for me, it was just around November 2012 that I decided that I don't wanna dive into these entrepreneur and just focus on being a developer, the way I always wanted it. Sit somewhere and build stuff.

I'm now working at Kurechii Studio, one of the best game development studio in Malaysia, on their next game. If you haven't try their latest hit -- The King's League: Odyssey (which I wasn't involved in), you can try it on,
- Web: TKLO on Kongregate
- iOS: TKLO for iOS

I'm having more free time to learn new languages, experiment with more things (coding related), started going to gym, learn piano, etc.

Despite that, I'm slowly forgetting all about my 2013 resolutions, which I've only accomplish for less than a quarter. I don't plan to reflect any further except admitting that my failure of accomplishing all these resolutions are simply procrastinating too much, and each of those resolutions are too broad to begin with (despite explicitly stating that I have split them into smaller chunks of resolutions).

Anyhow for this year, 2014, I've split my resolutions into even smaller chunks than last year (laugh), which turns out to be... a lot. Again, I'll still say "I'll try my best to accomplish them", and really try my best to accomplish them (again).

Have a great year, readers.